Fort Hood Supply Cage Robbed Of 60 Gas Masks, Radiation Test Kits, Ammo

fort hood gas masks

Fort Hood is investigating the theft of 60 gas masks, .556 ammunition and 9 mm ammo from a storage cage.

The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command has opened an investigation into the matter and now hopes that the public can help them locate the stolen goods.

CID Chief of Public Affairs Chris Grey confirmed the following items are now missing from Fort Hood’s supply arsenal.

  • 61 M50 protective masks
  • 3 AN-UDR-13 Radiac Test sets
  • 5.56 ammo (240 rounds)
  • 9mm ammo (230 rounds)

In terms of ammunition, the 470 total rounds is certainly not a lot in long-term perspective, but it’s certainly enough for a short burst of firepower. The gas masks are the more compelling part of the theft. An M50 protective mask can cost upwards of $300. The thieves took 61 of those.

Obviously, beyond the financial loss aspect of theft, one has to wonder what the purpose of the theft now is. It might be assumed that the thieves intend to resell the supplies, but even on a black market level, ammunition and gas masks that originated from a major US military base is risky business for a buyer.

Hopefully, the theft isn’t a precursor to something much more nefarious. Did the thieves steal the prepper supplies with an intention to resell them on a black market, or are they planning an attack?

The M50 protective mask is used to protect the respiratory system from nuclear, biological, and chemical threats. Quite obviously, these are all high-end prepper supplies and it isn’t a stretch to assume a potential worst-case reason for the theft. They also stole Radiac Test sets which are used to test radiation levels.

Any tips should be directed to Fort Hood CID office at 254-287-2722.



Author: Jim Satney

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