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Frightened Passengers Dive From Windows Of Long Beach Bus, Claim Kidnapping


Frightened Passengers Dive From Windows Of Long Beach Bus, Claim Kidnapping

Passengers on a Queen Mary shuttle in Long Beach got more than they bargained for after the shuttle driver seemingly kidnapped them. The shuttle was making a short trip from Aquarium of the Pacific to the Queen Mary to the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor event when things took a scary turn.

The passengers, believing they were victims of a kidnapping, began to flee the bus through windows.

“He wasn’t responding to anybody,” passenger Ashia Souder said to ABC7 in Los Angeles. “And I was like, ‘We’re getting kidnapped.'”

“We were all trying to get off the bus, telling him to stop, let us off and he wouldn’t stop,” Lee Piatelli said.

Passengers expected a short 10-minute ride, but instead were aboard for over 30 minutes and rerouted to the city of Carson.

“I told him straight up, ‘At this point it’s kidnapping. You can’t hold us like this,'” Brian Corbitt said. “I stood up with him, and he just whipped around and nailed me in the stomach and knocked me back into a seat.”

The bus driver eventually allowed the non-jumpers to exit the bus in the city of Carson. Many passengers alerted 911 of the incident. Police arrested the bus driver upon arrival. The driver claims he was looking for a safe spot to stop the bus. Using his logic, passengers diving out of windows was a safer experience than just stopping and allowing them off.

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But, there’s more…

At the end of the video, you will notice a man brace a woman by her buttocks as a way to help her climb from the window. Many on Twitter called the man out as a “pervert.” In our PC lunacy climate, there is no end to mob lynchings. Turns out, the man and woman are friends.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.