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Georgia Tornado Leaves Major Destruction

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Georgia Tornado Leaves Major Destruction

A major storm system just passed through North Georgia and it appears the supercells contained a potential (and likely) tornado. A Fulton County neighborhood has been left without power and major damage to both residential and business homes is currently being assessed. The storm also contained extremely large sized hail. Get Tornado Facts if you want to learn more about tornadoes.

“The severe thunderstorm and tornado threat is over in North Georgia,” Channel 2 meteorologist Brian Monahan said Tuesday. “But the cleanup is about to get underway.”

Jumpers Trail neighborhood resident Thomas Correa describes the tornado event. (mobile users who can’t see the embedded video go here)

Over in Gwinnett County, severe lightning is being blamed for two home fires. The American Red Cross is currently setting up shelter for those who are currently unable to stay in their homes.

The damage in South Fulton is being said to be the worst in the state so far as officials continue to investigate the matter.

You can see more below (mobile users who can’t see the embedded video go here)

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Author: Cory Wayne

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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