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New Gallup Poll Shows Americans Don’t Care About Russia Narrative

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New Gallup Poll Shows Americans Don’t Care About Russia Narrative

Ever since the election of President Trump, our news cycle, as well as a particular segment of our herd, have been experiencing monthly, and sometimes weekly, outrage. In fact, the cycle began before Trump was elected, shortly after the reality that Trump would be the Republican candidate set in.

The most recent outrage is centered on an age-old favorite narrative as reliable for amping up liberal anger as nursery rhymes sedate toddlers. Russia, Russia, and well, more Russia. This time, its Russia and Treason (its been that before, but in this case, what’s old is once again, new).

Trump’s recent “would” and “wouldn’t” contraction-intentional-misuse-melodrama has led to a massive case of herd and politician virtue signaling. The theme is sort of the same (Trump and Russia and then more Russia and Trump) and the play is precisely the same.

But somewhere in the midst of this outrage is a dulled down responsiveness among Americans (probably the ones who have jobs, can feed their kids, and go outside). The stunning results of a new Gallup poll show that less than 1% of Americans care about the Russia narrative.

Here’s a screen grab of the poll. Scroll down, you will see that not only does no one care, but somehow, they care less than they did in the past.

russia gallup poll

These results don’t even warrant a numerical digit, instead, they use an asterisk which essentially implies the numbers are too low and insignificant to matter.

This means that American sentiment regarding all the Russia outrage is so insignificant, that Gallup Poll can’t even equate it to a whole number.

Of course, we’d never surmise such insights by watching the media, which commonly streams Russia outrage narratives in naseuating fashion. According to the news, the Russia treason voter fraud bully to Hillary Russians are our top concern. Unfortunately, as per the usual, the facts simply do not support such egregious forced tones.

Most Americans are employed and happily living their lives. They realize the Russia narrative is propaganda. They are numb to weekly outrage pandering.

Liberals expecting a blue wave in November might attempt to look deeper for the creation of media narratives that talk electable Democratic candidates and improved policy.

Photo by theglobalpanorama

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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