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Geoengineering Causes 8.1 Million Floridians To Experience Drought


Geoengineering Causes 8.1 Million Floridians To Experience Drought

A water shortage warning has been issued for the state of Florida. Specifically, the warning has been issued to eh 8.1 million people who live in Orlando and south down towards Miami.

Yes, a state that is known for its thunderstorms and daily afternoon rains is somehow running out of water. California part two? Maybe, in more ways than we care to admit.

According to WSVN.

Officials said rainfall across the district’s 16 counties since Nov. 1 has been 6.75 inches below average. Water levels in Lake Okeechobee have dropped to 12.04 feet.

Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department Director Lester Sola released a statement Thursday reminding residents about year-round, twice-weekly watering restrictions. Sola said individuals in Miami-Dade each use roughly 134 gallons of water daily.

But here’s the thing: The Army Corpse of Engineers knowingly throttles the lake’s levels to remain between 12.5 and 15.5 feet above sea level. They do this after pumping polluted farm irrigation waters into the lake. The claim here is to help prevent the farmlands from flooding.

Wait, what? So we essentially are geoengineering a lake to not flood farmlands with possibly the same polluted water the farmlands are dumping into the lake. To avoid reflooding the farmlands with polluted waters, we dump the polluted waters into the ocean. And now the lake is too low, so the state of Florida is running out of water.

Oh, and people got super sick because the toxic chemicals entered the ocean bays, where people are trying to do things like…live.

The state of Florida literally poisoned communities against their will by geoengineering lake levels. And they did this because there were knowingly toxic pollutants poisoning the lake. And they did this to protect the corporations who were poisoning the lake.

But wait, there’s more! Much of the issue is derived by the sugar industry’s greed. This geoengineering has been going on for 135 years. The state of Florida is protecting the farmlands of two billion dollar sugar companies by “controlling” lake levels. And Congress is more than aware of the situation, they passed a program back in 1934 which allows this behavior to continue. It’s crony capitalism that assures these corporations their lands will neither flood nor be subject to droughts.


Man made modifications to the lake prompt massive fires throughout state of Florida Photo by SFWMD

Essentially, campaign contributions buy modified weather. Money fuels man made climates. But man-made climate change is being blamed. In this way, the game goes on and on. And who is blamed?

Of course, the people. Now people and communities are being asked to shower for shorter durations of time and use fewer sprinklers. If you’ve ever been to Florida, then you know driving around will put on display lots of broken sprinkler water heads ran by the local governments to keep the landscaping nice and gleamed. Wake up on any morning in South Florida and go for a drive and you question whether or not it rained that night.

And oddly, it probably did rain. Or maybe it didn’t? Even on nights where Florida receives rain, these city sprinklers run with reckless abandon.

Why wouldn’t cities figure out ways to install more fake landscaping? Why run sprinklers on nights that it rains? Why are we messing with a major natural resource like a lake and then turning around and acting confused as to why we have an issue now?

The water being mismanaged is hardly the people’s fault. However, this song and dance will be used to convince people that global warming narratives are at play. And that more manmade intervention is needed. See how that works? Man intervenes and causes a problem. Man blames man. So now man can intervene again and the cycle shall repeat accordingly. It almost seems to dumb to be true, however sadly, facts are obvious in all of these cases.

People are also being blamed for massive climate change. This also allows for situations such as the lake irrigation system to continue on. The government can freely jack with our natural resource under the excuse that we caused the problem because we drove to work in a car. The pitch is effective. People are convinced they’ve ruined the world. They are willing to accept any moral high ground necessary as a way to make amends. And part of that moral high ground this morning is Florida running out of water. People will be unable to make sense of this, of course, because they’ve been herded like sheep. And the sugar industry will continue to contribute to fleecing the people’s water supply and dumping toxins into their communities.

But, people will feel better on earth day. And have lower cost access to Snickers bars. So at least there is that.

Photo by SFWMD


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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