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Soros Is Funding The Entire Criminal Justice System


Soros Is Funding The Entire Criminal Justice System

Liberal prosecutors nationwide are enjoying a massive infusion of cash from globalist billionaire, George Soros, according to a report posted in the Philadelphia Daily Inquirer, who uses potential DA Larry Krasner as their example of the spoils.

The hedge-fund tycoon has spent about $10 million since 2015 to back progressive candidates for prosecutor in places as diverse as Chicago, Orlando, Houston, and Shreveport, La., through a network of affiliated super PACs, according to campaign-finance reports.

“Mr. Soros has been a longtime advocate of criminal justice reform and ending mass incarceration,” his spokesman, Michael Vachon, said last week. “District attorneys have a tremendous amount of influence and leverage as change agents.”

Philadelphia Justice and Safety spent $1.6 million in Soros’ money pushing Krasner in the last three weeks of the campaign.

You might be wondering if this activity is legal. The answer is: absolutely, it is legal. A 2010 Supreme Court ruling allows unlimited cash donations so long as the entity which donates doesn’t partake in the campaign’s organizational structure.

If the 9th Circuit Court has shown us anything, its that liberal movements can be won at unexpected levels. Soros can now be assured his agendas are pushed through local levels in cities all around the country.

Much of this has been spawned by he Black Lives Matter movement. Liberal organizations, commonly backed by Soros, are pushing for “equality” in the criminal justice system.

Soros undoubetely has the extreme upper-hand in these local races. Michael Untermeyer and Joe Khan are both running against Krasner for DA in Philly. Utermeyer is looking at campaign funding (total) of $950,000. Khan is at the  $435,955 number. Krasner got a single super PAC check in total of $1.45 million. That’s game changing money when it comes to local elections that are typically not paid much attention to. But Soros understands the value of local elections and how they can compliment and even fuel is greater agendas. This goes beyond what changes Krasner could invoke via his role as DA (if he were to win). Krasner would also be indebted to Soros and his globalist agendas forever. DA’s commonly go on to seek higher offices at the state and federal level. Liberal groups got Aramis Ayala of Orlando elected without much of a problem.

The thing is, I can get behind some of the ideals, such as less harsh sentences for drug offenders. I don’t even think drug offenders should be arrested in the first place. But my concern is that Soros is essentially taking over the criminal justice system. He could literally have tremendous power over the entire system within the next few years.

Jeff Ashton, the incumbent in the Orlando race who lost to Ayala, said the money was a “hostile takeover of the criminal-justice system” by Soros. He could not compete. Ayala received $1.4 million for TV ads in the final weeks fo the campaign. She owned it late. And it was all due to huge monies by massive liberal donors.

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Author: Jim Satney

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