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Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Review

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Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Review

When it comes to economical, simple, fixed blade survival knives, the Gerber Ghostrike fixed blade knife has to enter into the conversation. This is a reliable, well-built survival knife that’s high quality. This is more of a self-defense knife that could be used for escape situations. I am not sure this is the ultimate survival knife that a camper or hunter would want. I’d add it to a bug out bag essentials list only if you have room left over, not as a primary tool. It is not on my best fixed blade survival knives list because I don’t think it offers enough versatility in prepper situations. This is more something you purchase for a personal, specific purpose. It’s a great knife, make no mistake about it. But I’d say this is more of an EDC knife rather than a survivalist knife. And that’s just fine. That said, check out my full Gerber Ghoststrike fixed blade knife review.

Gerber Ghoststrike Built In USA

Ther Gerber Ghostrike fixed blade knife is built in Gerber’s Portland, Oregon production center. Gerber is without question, a top knife maker that has an outstanding reputation among consumers. Gerber guarantees their products, so your risk when purchasing is low.

Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Specifications

The actual blade length is 3.3 inches. Overall, this knife is a modest 6.9 inches. It weighs only 3.6 ounces. The blade material is 420HC steel. It is coated with black ceramic as a way to protect it from rust, as well as offer more optical appeal. It has a skeletal frame. The knife is full-tang, however, adding to the quality. And considering how light it is for a full-tang knife, it truly is an EDC spectacle. It is built to conceal, no question about it.

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Gerber Ghoststrike Blade

As noted, the blade is 3.3 inches, making it the perfect EDC size. Here’s the thing, this blade isn’t something that’s going to be great at everyday use. It will wear down. This is more a blade built for “when you need it” and hopefully, you won’t. 420HC steel is stainless steel. The Gerber Ghoststrike blade is light and it is pretty sharp. The downside to 420 High Carbon steel is that it won’t hold that edge for too long. Again, this isn’t a survival knife you use for chopping down trees. The grip is great and some of that has to do with the knife’s lighter weight.

Gerber Ghoststrike Handle gerber ghoststrike is perfect edc knife

The frame, or handle, on the Gerber Ghoststrike, is compact and skeletal. Remember, the frame is steel, not rubber, so the grip will definitely feel hardier. This also is why you couldn’t use it for enduring tasks. Aside from lesser blade quality, the handle would work over your gripping hand. But for a quick draw from a concealed hideaway on the body, this handle is great. And being that the handle is the extension of the full-tang knife experience, the quality is increased ten fold.

It feels like a dream to hold, almost too much power if you are used to holding heavier knives (I am).

You are unlikely to get a full handle grip here, but again, not the intended purpose at all. This knife is built to conceal and to quickly grab. The handle fits into that methodology perfectly.

Gerber Ghoststrike Sheath

gerber ghoststrike sheath

gerber ghoststrike sheath holds the knife securely, you can attach to belt or even the ankle

It is made of Kydex. This material will pressure the knife in place so that it rests securely. This fits the EDC theme of the overall knife’s profile rather well. The knife really should never move while secured in the sheath, but similarly, it is quickly and easily accessible.

I’m not a big sheath reviewer because it is such a subjective experience, however, the Ghoststrike sheath is really good for EDC purposes. It’s exactly what you want:

  • Easy to grab
  • Stays stable

Aside from that, you could build your own sheath if you really were disappointed by any means. The lower price point on the Ghoststrike makes it more of an economical experience. It is a great buy so long as this isn’t your ultimate survival knife. It’s great for EDC survival, however. Check out my best fixed blade survival knives list for more on an ultimate survival knife. In terms of EDC, this is a top knife, no doubt. I have a general top survival knives list, as well, that offers knives like Ghoststrike as generally top knives, but maybe not ultimate knives.

In the end, you can’t go wrong if this is the genre of knife you are looking for. It is one of the better EDC survival knives on the market and priced nicely.

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Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.