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Glacier National Park Removes ‘Glaciers Melted by 2020’ Signs And It’s As Awkward As You’d Expect

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Glacier National Park Removes ‘Glaciers Melted by 2020’ Signs And It’s As Awkward As You’d Expect

Remember that time two years ago that your annoying uncle went vegan and preached that everyone must go vegan, and then this year at Christmas dinner, he pounded turkey. And no one wanted to say anything because it was super awkward. Well, I’ve found something even more awkward than professed vegan chomping a bird’s roasted leg.

This morning, Glacier National Park is removing signage that alerted visitors of the park that its famous glaciers would be gone by 2020. It’s 2020 (you knew that) and the glaciers are still going strong. Hence, removing the signs that state the contrary. If you can think of a worse blow to the climate change alarmist crowd, by all means, leave a comment; however, this feels like the bottom.

Glacier National Park spokeswoman Gina Kurzmen’s excuse? She claims the glaciers are in fact, still shrinking, but it’s more complicated than just that.

Remember when you were in college and your first guy or girl you really, really liked dumped you? Instead of telling you that they wanted to play the field, they told you that it was “complicated.” This is because they believed you to be a fool. And maybe back then, you were. But today? Let’s hope not.

One of the infamous glacier melting warning signs was removed last May of 2019. The rest are coming down now.

While preposterous to believe that the mainstream media will ignore the glaring error of the past prediction, that’s exactly what is happening. I’m kidding, it’s not preposterous to believe in the slightest.

Of course, the Internet can be an unforgiving terrain itself. Many are pointing out the ridiculousness of such a laughable error that’s likely to be reignited once the herd forgets they were duped.

It’s difficult to imagine a more stunning error than predicting that glaciers would be gone in a park that boast the name. And then having the glaciers not melt. I’m surprised there aren’t climate activist in the park sporting blowtorche this morning just to avoid the shame in this.

This humiliation goes on and on.

The only certainty in all of this is that a new, more ludicrous prediction will be put forth within the next 30 days. Bank on it.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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