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Glastonbury Music Festival Facing Backlash After 5G Network Announcement

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Glastonbury Music Festival Facing Backlash After 5G Network Announcement

An English music festival’s decision to install 5G network towers is drawing furious criticism from scientists and music fans alike. Last Wednesday, the Glastonbury Festival announced that it will test out a 5G mobile network at this year’s event. This will become the first time that 5G networks have been used at any festival. The announcement comes just months before the U.K. will deploy 5G throughout its country.

Glastonbury officials say that move will allow festival attendees to access the Internet on their smartphones at faster speeds. But critics have been quick to point out 5G health concerns and many Glastonbury fans are now having second thoughts over attending.

“Smartphones have become a festival must-have as we’ve seen each year with more and more data being consumed at Glastonbury Festival.

“As the long-standing technology partner to this iconic event, we are committed to building a network powerful enough to cope with this huge demand. With the introduction of 5G this year, we are able to trial this new technology at Worthy Farm and make history as the UK’s first 5G-connected festival.” Pete Jeavons, Marketing and Communications Director for the U.K.’s EE stated. EE will carry out the installs of 5G throughout the festival’s grounds.

But nearly doubled data speeds might not be as attractive as EE or Glastonbury officials think. Many music fans remain skeptical of 5G’s safety. And many scientists are legitimizing their concerns.

Dr. Joel Moskowitz of the University of California, Berkeley, warns that 5G is a “A Massive Experiment on All Species.”

Villagers Against Masts (VAM), a U.K. based activist organization fighting for more extensive testing of 5G, says they have concerns over 5G’s effects on mental health.

“Since researching the health effects, I have a real concern over masts, but also Wi-Fi and the looming 5G technology,” said VAM founder Jane Harvey.

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The risk of 5G exposure is largely unknown, but many countries want to be global leaders in technology.

“5G is not good at all. Unfortunately Cornwall and Cumbria have been chosen to trial 5G in rural areas.

“The US has seen 5G rolling out in many places, impacting human health, wildlife and the environment. 5G requires closer connectivity, a mast every 10-20 houses. So, imagine the countryside dotted with these. Also, once they get permission for one mast on an AONB, a precedent is set and it would be very tricky to stop more.”

Harvey went on to classify 5G in the same category as military weaponry.

“5G is a weapons grade frequency,” she added. “There is no knowing the future implications for us – we are the guinea pigs.”

Many Glastonbury fans took to Twitter to voice their outrage.

Making things worse, weather forecasters are calling for a massive heatwave during the festival. Glastonbury is set to take place June 26 – 30 at Worthy Farm. Headline acts include The Cure, Stormzy, and The Killers.

5G health concerns are sweeping the globe, including in the United States. Countries around the world are competing to become the leader in 5G network connectivity. Many politicians consider 5G connectivity a step towards technological world dominance. In parts of California, officials removed public notice requirements as a way to install thousands of 5G towers with less public friction. Portland officials moved to block 5G tower installation until more studies are done. Switzerland says it will monitor 5G health risk and provide research transparency to all citizens. Residents in parts of Rhode Island are seeing 5G networks pop up on street lamps and stoplights.

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