Glen Beck Breaks Down The ‘Bitcoin Bubble’ Theory

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Bitcoin is a mystery. And for those who own it, as well as for those who don’t own it, it’s a stressful enigma that’s hardly easy to solve. If you own Bitcoin, you are challenged to consider that you may lose every cent you’ve invested. If you don’t own it, you are challenged to consider that you are potentially missing out on the greatest financial opportunity and innovation in modern history.

One thing is certain, the banking elitists cannot be trusted to give us any honest assessments. The banking elites only concern themselves with their bottom line, which they feel is challenged by the idea and concept of fraud-proof cryptocurrency. In order to justify their disdain for it and further indoctrinate the herd against Bitcoin, they consistently use terms such as “bubble” and “money laundering.” This allows them to both divert negative attention into Bitcoin as well as promote government involvement.

But is Bitcoin a “bubble,” as we keep hearing? Listen to The Blaze’s Glenn Beck bring some reality into the fray with an impressive breakdown of Bitcoin versus past bubbles. If you don’t understand the process of Bitcoin, I suggest you read my Bitcoin Beginner guide before watching this video.

If Bitcoin is a bubble, what does that truly mean for the investor? Well, if someone doesn’t invest their life savings or more than they can afford to lose, it truly means little. Comparing Bitcoin to the mortgage crisis is irresponsible. People losing their homes caused dramatic repercussions beyond just missed mortgage payments, it caused credit defaults and fewer holiday purchases and fewer dinners out. Bitcoin investors aren’t roped into livelihood risks anywhere near this nature. And most want to hold the currency for a very long time. Bitcoin is now a class asset.

If you were to purchase into Bitcoin at $10k, and it rose to $100k, and then dropped back down to $40k, would the banking elites then be justified? You’d have one on an investment level by either cashing out a percentage of profits at the peak or all of it, while still holding profits for any remaining investment. The real numbers matter more than the fear-mongering terms do.

A true and authentic risk when it comes to cryptocurrency is far beyond the “bubble” fear-mongering that’s cast out by rich bankers, its the issue of security. Learn how to move your Bitcoin from Coinbase to Trezor. This will secure your investment.

Mathematically, once you silence the rich devils, you can see some rather favorable conditions when it comes to Bitcoin. Bitcoin didn’t just happen, its been around now for a decade. Bitcoin is going mainstream with Fox News and MSNBC frequently reporting the ever-changing valuations. More and more people are learning how to use it, how to invest in it, and why it may change the modern world of currency as we know it.

In the end, money is an illusion that’s value is derived from two accepting parties. The government and the bankers can’t decide what is and what is not of value to the masses. Well, unless the masses allow them such power. And they have allowed them that power for centuries, which has caused massive debt and constant undesirable conditions at the Federal Reserve. The herd is waking up and realizing that it no longer requires bankers to tell us what has value and what can be used as an asset. Their inability to manipulate Bitcoin will without questions, keep the banking elite in attack mode in regards to Bitcoin’s growth. However, the daily attacks are seeming more and more to go completely ignored. Remember, bankers told you not to buy Bitcoin when it was $2000. Had you put in $1000, you’d now have $8000. If you still felt that Bitcoin was a fraud or a bubble, you could pull your monies from the system and do with it as you wish. The bankers, as circumstances have it, have costs people money. That’s just fact. How long can we trust these elitists with our futures?

Author: Jim Satney

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