Glenn Beck Breaks Down Gun Control Debate

glenn beck gun control

There is hardly a more toxic and polarizing subject in America than that of “gun control.” And no matter how many times I try to show liberals that their gun control argument is resting on a variety of false premises, liberal confirmation bias is much too ingrained in the herd’s fibers to allow it to make any difference. Common sense, as per the usual, is simply rejected.

I’m not always the biggest supporter of conservative talk radio host, Glenn Beck, but I do have to say that his latest gun control post on Facebook, which features the top AR 15 rifles broken down for what they are, as well as putting forth real stats, is a great watch. Pay special attention to his diatribe regarding machine guns or automatic guns, which are currently banned without a special and highly-restrictive license.

Two days ago, Democrats introduced legislation that would henceforth, ban the ownership and sale of the AR 15 rifle (and other semi-automatic versions). The ban would not include those who already own the rifles, it would impose its egregious 2nd amendment violation upon those seeking to exercise their rights.

As Beck gently points out, more guns actually equal less deaths by guns. Most of the gun deaths beyond that are suicides or the use of police force, two numbers which hardly change in a world restricted of gun ownership.

Recent gun violence has been the foundation for gun ban lobbying by liberals, however, an AR 15 was used by the hero to stop the church massacre in Texas. The liberal media simply refuses to cover it.

Owning a gun is a having the right do defend yourself from both a civilian enemy, as well as a government enemy. I’m often amazed at those people who believe that mandatory vaccinations are a violation of human rights, but push for increased gun restrictions. If you don’t trust the government on the first premise, you should not lobby for the second. That’s just common sense and critical thinking at play. The liberal herd needs to wake up and realize that the media and politicians consistently tweak data as a way to push agendas that disarm the herd. Why would they do that? The fact is, it is easier to control a herd when that herd has no realistic way to fight back.

An unarmed society is an enslaved society. Lacking this basic understanding of how society works leaves you and your family exposed to travesty. As a prepper, you must possess this very basic understanding and insight. The AR 15 rifle would be the most useful SHTF gun you could ever own if the power grid were to fail by EMP attack or a catastrophic hurricane, or many other scenarios. The ammunition is cheap and available, the gun is highly accurate and it has a higher capacity than most guns. In a doomsday scenario, a simple six-shooter will leave you exposed to huge threats as you encounter more and more rivals that exists up the hierarchy. An AR 15 is also highly accurate from long ranges, giving you the ability to keep threats at bay or to hunt for food in a post-apocalyptic world. Food storage is an option every prepper should be working on, but being able to shoot a deer is a skill that you’d need to have if SHTF. And if you aren’t going to achieve that with a handgun.

The biggest problem with gun control advocacy is that often, it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It will portray itself as “just wanting a little extra background check” and turn into a full ban on guns. Liberals want to ban all guns, some are just wiser in how they softly pitch the agenda realizing they can’t immediately go “all in.” But liberals consistently tout Australia as a gunless utopia, a place where all guns are banned. The math is relatively easy to accomplish if you apply common sense. This is why I can’t support any gun control laws, most of them serve to imposition rightful owners, they don’t do anything to thwart criminals. When it comes to liberalism, there is no real negotiation. Liberals operate in rogue, unconstrained, greedy spheres. One law, one ban, one additional check, is never enough. They politicize all shootings as something that “proves they were right.”

And that’s all unfortunate because it truly drags down our society. Maybe someday the liberals will cleanse themselves of their own toxicity and we can once again, have a conversation.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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