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Government accidentally releases mind control documents


Government accidentally releases mind control documents

Mind control is considered one of the most outlandish conspiracy theories online to date. But if we’ve learned anything over the past year in the post-Trump era, conspiracy theory often gets proven to be fact.

Mind control, as the name states, empowers a person, entity, or device, to change or alter human thoughts. In warfare, nothing could be more powerful than the ability to alter the thoughts of your enemies. In government, mind control would amount to the most powerful method of human slavery.

Following the accidental release of private documents from United States government’s counterterrorism center, conspiracy is clearly not so unbelievable anymore. The documents show that the government can use mind control tactics over the herd.

The documents were accidentally released by the Washington State Fusion Center, who acts as a counterterrorism entity for the United States. The release was prompted by an FOIA filing by the news site, Muckrock, according to RT. An FOIA request, or Freedom of Information Act request, allows journalists to request documents and files that the public has a right to. In years past, this was a difficult road to go down. However, the FOIA passage in 1966 by Lyndon B. Johnson made obtaining unreleased documents a simpler process.

Muckrock, as luck might have it, wasn’t looking for the mind control documents it received; rather, it was investigating the extremist organization, Antifa. Within the released documents from the Washington State Fusion Center was a file titled, “EM effects on human body.”

The document’s contents have most certainly lived up to its creepy name.

The document contains content on how electromagnetic waves can be used on humans to subvert their thoughts. The document claims that the electromagnetic waves are able to read human minds, or broadcast their thoughts, change or alter their dreams, make them feel things, and control their body. The government, according to the documents, could cause a human to feel painful sensations throughout their body, or feel orgasmic.

And it gets worse.

A separate document shows how the government can deploy these electromagnetic waves using satellite technology via smartphones. In other words, the government is now seemingly capable of enslaving us mentally using our phones.

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mind control documents

The documents never confirm if these concepts have been tested, deployed, or proven to truthfully work (something tells me those documents are a bit more tightly locked away). There aren’t stamps on any documents linking them to the CIA or other top-level government agencies which we might consider to be prime sources of such nefarious items. But this almost makes the origin of the documents to be even more terrifying.

Who is working on or deploying such mind control tactics? It is difficult to believe that world governments aren’t working diligently on such ambitious concepts. The documents may serve only as a reminder of what we already guess is going on.

The deep state works tirelessly to indoctrinate the herd through public schools and colleges, through the media, and by way of pharmaceutical medications such as SSRIs. Children are being drugged as early as 4 years old for laughing and playing too much. The writing is truly on the wall. If the government is able to further indoctrinate the herd using mind control, it would difficult to counter.

But maybe that’s exactly what liberalism is, mind control?

In 1977, the government carried out mind control experiments, using drugs and hypnotic concepts. The CIA program was called the MKULTRA, it is verified to have happened via Senate hearings.

Always have your wits about you and realize that a more robust and empowered government is not a good thing.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.