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Gun Control Advocate Lebron James Fires Machine Guns

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Gun Control Advocate Lebron James Fires Machine Guns

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Lebron James is a big supporter of the recent gun control marches. James has been a defiant liberal resister ever since President Trump won the Presidential election. He has committed himself to changing the world one Tweet at a time (James, not Trump, well maybe both). And he’s committed to bashing Trump on Twitter whenever Trump does just about anything.

But as they say, change often starts with one’s self. That being said, James must have changed a lot over the years because it was just four years ago that James was having some fun with machine guns.

James and his wife went to Lock & Load Miami where they rented and shot an M-249 SAW and an H&K MP5. These are both fully-automatic weapons which means you only need pull the trigger once and the gun will fire ammo until the magazine is cleared. This stands in direct contrast to the AR-15, which typically only fires one round per trigger pull unless the rifle has been previously modified.

Considering that President Trump just banned bump stocks that he claims makes an AR-15 into a machine gun, it is surprising that James would have ever considered showing off his enjoyment of firing machine guns. But it sure does appear that the old Lebron James was pretty comfortable and excited by firing off loads of ammunition in only a matter of seconds. This could not have been cheap? One thing many people fail to realize is that machine guns aren’t an inexpensive hobby to undertake.

Like all things liberal, the past never matters, only the convenience of now. Hypocrisy is hardly an enemy of the puritanical and disarmament agenda that’s ongoing. You need not live by the standards you preach, rather, preach the standards you aren’t bound to yourself. Isn’t that the path to real change?

I guess, as per the usual liberal logic, the rules will only apply to the little people. Hollywood’s ruling class will hardly miss out on their own rights and own security, just the rest of us.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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