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Hawaii Residents Warned New Eruptions Loom

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Hawaii Residents Warned New Eruptions Loom

More evacuation, more risk for potential catastrophic explosions. Just another day in the lives of Hawaii residents. For those thinking that the Kilauea volcano eruption had become old news, they were utterly wrong.

Two new fissures have opened up on the Island at the site of the volcano leading many to believe the eruption is far from over. Hawaii’s Civil Defense Agency noticed the newest breaks in the earth last night, which now makes the fissure total stand at 18. The latest fissures reside near the area of Halekamahina Loop Road.

The 17th fissure is near 300 yards in length. Hawaii’s volcano observatory, speaking to the latest fissures, described the scene as “lava fountaining, explosion of spatter bombs hundreds of feet into the air, and several advancing lava flow lobes moving generally northeast.”

They also gave this imminent warning to residents, “Based on overflight images late this afternoon, additional lava from fissure 17 was also moving slowly southeast. Volcanic gas emissions remain elevated.”

This resulted in an additional 2,000 folks being evacuated from the area. Cars and homes have been swallowed by the flowing lava, a situation that doesn’t appear to be ready to cease.

Hawaii’s Civil Defense Agency commanded that Lower Puna vacation rentals stop as of last night. Helicopter tourism in the area has also been shut off until further notice.

President Trump has signed for disaster relief efforts to be distributed by the federal government. This will help local efforts with federal funding infusions. The total relief efforts are being projected to hit almost $3 million.

Here is more from Accuweather.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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