Hawaii Police Now Disarming Medical Marijuana Card Holders

hawaii police disarm marijuana

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With gun laws being the center of controversy on most mainstream media outlets, many people are now asking if the government simply wants to disarm the herd. A number of “mass shootings” have prompted new rounds of legislation creation, all of which is targeting different sectors of gun restrictions. In some cases, “increased background checks” are the epicenter, while in other cases, lawmakers are going after AR15 Rifles as well as their add-ons, such as bump stocks.

The issue, in most cases, is that legislation is nonsensical and doesn’t prevent mass shootings, which serve to infuriate the herd enough to vote favorably against guns in a variety of capacities. Most of this, however, is a transparent sort of manipulation which most of us with common-sense identify rather quickly. But not all potential disarmament strategies are as transparent. Take, for example, a recent notification that was reportedly sent out to a Hawaii resident. The person has given us permission to post the letter, a letter we obtained via email from the receiver.

The letter is from the County Police of Honolulu. The intention of the letter is to inform the holder of a medical marijuana card that possessing a medical marijuana card essentially voids their right to gun ownership. The letter is dated November 13, 2017. And if you aren’t already feeling your stomach tickling from the free-fall down the slippery slope, you aren’t paying attention. And this raises a lot of fundamental questions.

hawaii cannabis card disarm

We have verified from several news sources that indeed, the state of Hawaii is disarming people who possess medical marijuana cards. Surrender your guns, as Leafy reported the disarmament proceedings, noted that the letters are signed by Chief of Police,¬†Chief Susan Ballard. After receiving the letter, the cannabis card holder is given a 30 day period whereas they need to either transfer the gun’s ownership or turn it into the police.

Worse more? The notices are being sent just a few months following a medical marijuana dispensary opening. If that doesn’t feel coordinated, you might not be paying the appropriate attention. This now raises a number of critical questions, including and pertinently, what does this mean for the U.S. mainland? Are states such as Colorado and California simply setting their citizens up for the first stages of gun disarmament? It wouldn’t be a difficult conclusion to come to in any respect.

Canada just passed recreational marijuana’s legality through the House (although it now remains in a more hostile Senate). It would seem now that the herd is being asked to exchange its own safety and security by big governments dangling the enticement of smoking marijuana. The government likely knows that for many people, they’d assume have their marijuana rather than own a gun. For a number of people, turning in a few guns to the government in exchange for the ability to buy pot is a good deal. The government allowed the herd to get hooked, now they are turning the tables and forcing a choice.

For many people, marijuana is medically necessary being that the person’s only other option would be expensive, addictive, possibly unattainable, opioids. The opioid crisis, indeed, fueled marijuana legislation, which is now, in turn, fueling mass disarmament. The herd is being offered to make a deal with the devil. In this case, as I’m sure I need not point out, the government is the devil.

Recent rhetoric has shown that even Republicans are willing to flirt with “stricter gun laws.” So what’s really happening behind the scenes? An issue that used to be assumed as covered under a protected 2nd amendment is suddenly crumbling right before our eyes?

For many people, Black Friday served as a day to cover their bases. Gun sales were up – way up. In fact, Black Friday gun sales set all-time records. The FBI claims that¬†203,000 gun background checks went through the system. That’s a lot of Americans who know exactly what’s on the line now. And hopefully, that means public sentiment is truly favorable for protecting our natural rights in this country. It might not be a bad idea to read my best SHTF gun article to learn more.

Sadly, people may now be asked to trade their constitutional rights for a medical marijuana card. And what follows that? Will holding a medical marijuana card also set the stage for further decimated natural rights? Remember, slippery slopes rarely end, you just keep sliding.

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