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Hollywood Actor George Lopez Urinates On Trump’s Star


Hollywood Actor George Lopez Urinates On Trump’s Star

Actor, talk show host, comedian, George Lopez, allegedly urinated on President Trump’s walk of fame star on Hollywood Blvd. The video, captured by one his laughing cohorts, shows Lopez walk up the star and begin urinating on it. The edited version blurs out the most offensive aspect of it, leading some to believe that it was staged.

However, the police were notified and reportedly, they are looking into the incident that at minimum warrants indecent exposure.

Lopez is one of many Hollywood elites who continually sandbag the President and all of his “supporters.” The absurdity in all of this is that such behavior failed liberals during the 2016 campaign, however, they continue to march down the exact same path of failure.

Normal, hard-working Americans simply can’t relate to this type of behavior. While it is most certainly OK to disagree with someone politically, Hollywood’s overtly vile assaults on Trump and all those who voted for him, don’t hate him, didn’t vote for Hillary, support gun ownership but didn’t vote for him, support free speech but didn’t vote for him, speak highly of the economy, is failing to provide any reason to vote for a democratic candidate.

I would argue that this behavior could end up costing liberals the House (again).

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One commenter on the video posted the following:

 I’m on the phone right now with the Hollywood Police Dept reporting this.
This is considered indecent exposure, vandalism, and I’m sure that children were around to witness this.
If you want to make a complaint or report that you saw this video on FB and you were offended by it,
here’s the number to call;
I was just told right now that detectives are investigating it but they are questioning whether he really did it.
They say they were told he may have used a water bottle.
Yeah right!!! Come on now!!!
I was given Lieutenant Ling and Sergeant Guttilla’s e-mails addresses.
I was told to send a copy of this Video to them to review.
If you are disgusted by this man’s filth, please email both of them with a copy of the clip.
That will help with the investigation. 

The comment has over 1.5k LIKES.

People can’t relate to such hideous activities. Most Americans have moved on with their lives and families. They don’t appreciate being preached to by Hollywood elitist.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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