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Homeschool Curriculum Books

Homeschool Curriculum Books

There are a great many reasons why you might end up having (or considering) to homeschool. More and more these days, parents are taking the homeschooling journey. What used to be considered socially taboo by many, homeschooling has become suddenly more mainstream. The benefits of homeschooling and homeschool curriculum books are extremely helpful when making such a decision. And a “big decision,” it most certainly is.

Why Consider A Homeschool Curriculum?

The world has become a much more scary space than then one many of us grew up in. Sure, the media overdramatizes a great many narratives as a way to conjure up our group fears, but some changes are simply undeniable.

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Homeschool – School Shootings Are Up

School shootings are a very real threat to our school children. The dispensing of pharmaceutical drugs to the masses, such as SSRI medications, have created a society of people unhinged from their normal mental states. People are becoming robotic and emotionless. The pharmaceutical industry is creating an unstable world. And it doesn’t seem as though things are going to change anytime soon.

The media may exaggerate some school shootings, but it is difficult to deny that they also seem to encourage copycat crimes. Children are being fed a steady supply of Ritalin and other head meds. The media shows them a way to receive quick large scale attention by committing an atrocity. To the unstable, depressed child, this might seem like an unfortunate option. The media covers any and every school breach (there doesn’t even need to be a shooting anymore, just some sort of alert). The media is influencing a culture with constant narratives of children seeking out revenge on unsavory classmates. The bullying agenda set forth by the media has also created a semblance of revenge justification.

Homeschooling allows you, the parent, to help guide your child away from these issues.

Homeschooling – Mandatory Vaccination Laws

California, West Virginia and Mississippi have already passed laws that force any child who attends public schools to get the full fleet of pharma’s vaccine cocktails. It is predictable that all the other states may soon fall also. Parental rights are something we stand for here (a parent should have the choice).

But parental rights in schools might be a think of the past. If you are serious about skipping any or all vaccines, homeschooling might well be your only option.

Homeschooling – Overexposure to alcohol and drugs

Drugs and alcohol have always been a part of schools. But today’s world is much worse. Hard street drugs such as Flakka are turning children into literal monsters. Black market prescription drugs are now the norm (consider the opioid epidemic that’s spawned a white collar heroin issue).

Homeschool Curriculum Books – Include Applicable Subjects

Public and private schools both tend to have a great many wasteful subjects. Kids need to learn real skills. Computer programming, how to cook dinner, how to grow a garden, how to fix a toilet (seriously) are hardly included. But for the homeschool curriculum child, they most certainly could be. The parent is empowered when they run the show. It doesn’t mean skip math or language, but it could mean having a child that’s more prepared for real-world scenarios. When the parent sets the homeschool curriculum, they also are able to push the child into things they note the child as enjoying or having a natural skill for. It also means not pushing them into things they aren’t good at or hate.

No, I’m not saying that you pull a child from their homeschool math curriculum because they hate it, I am saying that later on, you can go beyond minimums in areas you, as a parent, know the child will excel at. You know your child better than any school ever will.

 Here are my Homeschooling Beginner and Homeschool Curriculum book suggestions.

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Don’t Waste Your Time Homeschooling: 72 Things I Wish I’d Known – by traci matt

homeschool curriculum books

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner (Yellow Edition) – by debra bell

homeschool curriculum books

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas – by amy stults, jimmie lanley, renee aleshire brown

Do It Yourself Curriculum – Fun-Schooling with Minecraft: 400 Homeschooling Lessons (Homeschooling with Minecraft) (Volume 1) – by sarah janisse brown, isaac joshua brown, tolik trishkin, dyslexie a font

Even if you aren’t ready to commit to homeschooling, buying a homeschool curriculum book is a great way to wrap your head around what’s beyond that mighty fork in the road. It can also allow you to create real curriculums and play them out to find out how comfortable you are with it. With homeschooling curriculum be a tandem endeavor between mutual parents? Or just one parent?

For many parents, homeschooling is a tough undertaking. Many families run on dual incomes making it tough for one parent to stay home during the day. But for some parents, they are able to create mutually beneficial schedules that work. For example, maybe one parent has a few weekdays off, and the other is always off on weekends? Creatively, it might work. Homeschool curriculum books and homeschool books for beginners is a great start to begin this journey.

It is important to do the research first to make sure this journey would be right for both you and your child. A child’s education has never been more important. I’ve read all of these homeschool curriculum books and I’d suggest them all. I also think it might be a good idea to look for homeschool groups in your area so that you can get to know more parents.

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