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Florida Gives Scholarships To Bullied Kids For Private Schools

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Florida Gives Scholarships To Bullied Kids For Private Schools

In March, Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed House Bill 7055 into law, which now allows children who are victims of bullying to seek greater school choice. The law was signed by Scott in March and has endured criticism by those who oppose school choice and charter school funding.

But those who support Bill 7055 believe that the increased funds to charter schools, private schools for disabled kids, and privatized reading programs, are all positives that help the greater community of parents with children in the public school systems.

One of the biggest reasons for the signing of Bill 7055 is bullying. Prior to 7055, parents were unable to easily move their children from one public school to another. This left parents with the only options as private schools and homeschools. Because many parents can’t afford private schools, homeschool options are typically chosen due to being the more cost-effective way to remove the child from the public school environment.

Obviously, we are proponents of homeschooling, which is why we have our how to homeschool guide we refer parents who are considering such a path to; however, forcing parents into homeschool via limited public school options is bad for the system entirely. Homeschooling should only be taken on by parents who truly believe in the homeschool system and who are motivated to make it work. In cases where parents are left without a choice due to legal and financial restraints, the homeschool environment might not result in an improved learning experience for the child.

Parents need and deserve choices, something 7055 offers.

One parent, speaking to Jacksonville’s Fox affiliate, said that when her daughter was bullied, she was unable to move public schools and could not afford expensive private schools.

“I looked into private school, too, before I home-schooled. But, of course, the price was expensive,” Clare Vaught said, when discussing her reasons for homeschooling due to her daughter’s uneasy times at the local public school.

The Hope Scholarship Program was introduced by the Florida House last January.

In order to be eligible for the program, several steps must be taken prior.

First, the parents must report incidents of abuse or violence to the school. The school is then allotted a period of time to “remedy” the situation. If the parent remains dissatisfied with the school’s resolution of the matter, the child is then declared eligible for the program. The child is then given the scholarship to attend a school of his or her choice, public or private.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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