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Houston Mayor Condemned For Not Evacuating Residents For Harvey


Houston Mayor Condemned For Not Evacuating Residents For Harvey

As Houston, Texas continues to flood at epic proportions, thousands of residents remain trapped by what might approach or surpass 50 inches of rain. Harvey, now a Tropical Storm, remains an enormous threat to the residents.

This sad state of affairs, however, may well have a sadder layer underneath of it. In August of 2005, Hurrican Katrina similarly pummeled the New Orleans and Gulf coast regions. But Hurricane Katrina’s biggest role in history was likely that it became a lightning rod for political agenda. President Bush was largely criticized for his response to the tragedy and the Left used the calamity to push a racist narrative on the President.

Many speculate that Hurricane Harvey will be used similarly against President Trump. It certainly presents a salacious opportunity, there isn’t much doubt about that. President Trump’s timing of visitation to the area will be largely questioned (that’s scheduled for tomorrow). His rhetoric has also been questioned (his saying “good luck”).

But what I’m more concerned with is the distinctly different orders given to Houston residents regarding the storm. Republican Texas governor Greg Abbott pushed for residents to leave, but that seems to run counter to orders given by Democratic officials, namely Mayor Sylvester Turner to “stay put.” In other words, the Democratic mayor called for people to stay in flood zones where they are now trapped. And the media have converged on the area pushing clip after clip of residents struggling (often these residents are black).

It seems as though now a Democratic mayor has left people to struggle in a dire, deadly storm and a Republican President/Governor will take the blame from the media for all of the fallout.

Let’s look below at two completely contradictory messages.

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Houston Mayor Doesn't Evacuate For Harvey

How is a major city located in high-risk hurricane zone without standard evacuation plans?

In 1999, Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York City evacuated his city on a weekday, coordinating mass transit, hospitals, and businesses.

The fact is, the media will run with images of flood victims in catastrophic circumstances, but all of this was either caused by a Democratic mayor who failed to evacuate his city or a storm that was too close to warrant risking evacuation orders.

Was the Houston Mayor’s decision one of incompetence, conspiracy, or simply a reaction to unprecedented circumstances? In this sad state of political affairs, I find it difficult to not ask these questions. The media is certain to run Hurricane Harvey footage as anti-Trump propaganda, however, it is clear that the Mayor and liberal administration in Houston forced this narrative by their own decision making.



Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.