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How To Make Hand Sanitizer In Minutes (it’s easier than you think)

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How To Make Hand Sanitizer In Minutes (it’s easier than you think)

The absolute best way to protect yourself from the spread of illnesses is to wash your hands with soap and water. But the reality is, hand washing isn’t always practical. Therefore, many of us rely on hand sanitizers. But as the coronavirus mayhem has taught us, hand sanitizers are quick to empty from shelves during even the slightest mention of a pandemic situation. While hand sanitizer isn’t on the top of our pandemic supplies list or SHTF plan list, it definitely has it’s place. But when all the stores are empty, knowing how to make your own hand sanitizer is a great solution.

Making your own DIY hand sanitizer is a better solution, in fact. So don’t feel bad if you are feeling the of empty hand sanitizer shelves. Make your own hand sanitizer and you’ll be better off. Making a DIY hand sanitizer also means avoiding the massive hand sanitizer price gouging we’ve seen over the past few weeks.

So let’s take a big deep breath and learn the simple are of how to make hand sanitizer. Oh, and please share this guide with friends and family who are probably in a panic!

How To Make Hand Sanitizer – Simple Recipe

Before you begin your craft hand sanitizer journey, understand that it needs to be 60 percent isopropyl alcohol or more. Otherwise, it’s not effective at killing bacteria such as coronavirus or influenza.

You’re going to be diluting the alcohol into other ingredients to make it usable. So this basic recipe understanding is imperative to properly make hand sanitizer that’s effective.

I would suggest 2/3 alcohol. And no, don’t use vodka or booze. There is no good reason for that unless you simply can’t get rubbing alcohol, in which case, it can act as a solution. But keep in mind, a lot of vodkas don’t meet the alcohol content standard required for killing germs.

To Make DIY Hand Sanitizer:

diy hand sanitizer recipe

First and foremost, wear some sort of mask and nitrile gloves. Make sure your area is sanitary. If you are sick, don’t do this. Have a well person take the reigns.

  1. Mix Aloe Vera (1/3) and isopropyl alcohol (2/3) together.
  2. Add in a scented oil (you don’t have to do this).

Things You Might Need From Amazon:

Aloe Vera

Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Nitrile Gloves

DIY Hand Sanitizer Use Tips

What good is making your own hand sanitizer if you don’t use it right?

  • First, make sure your hands aren’t super oily or greasy. If you just ate a burger and fries, wash your hands. If washing is not an option, wipe them in some way to remove the grease layers.
  • Second, when you do apply it, let it dry.

In Conclusion

Hand washing is the most powerful way to restrict or limit germs from spreading. But hand sanitizers offer a convenience that’s undeniable to families. Hand sanitizers are also an essential prepper item, though lower on the prepper importance list. As we’ve seen with coronavirus fear-mongering, hand sanitizers get raided at stores. This means empty shelves. Knowing how to make hand sanitizer is an easy yet important skill. For the most part, DIY hand sanitizer can be more potent and certainly less expensive. That’s a dual win for all of us.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

Please visit the CDC website for the most up-to-date COVID-19 information.

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