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How To Prepare For Imminent Election Riots and Civil War

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How To Prepare For Imminent Election Riots and Civil War

You’re going to want to share this with your friends, family, and neighbors. The time to prepare is quickly dissipating. Those who failed to prepare may live to regret such.

A dark force is coming.

The most contentious election in modern history is nearing. And if we’ve learned anything over the past few months, it’s that the fibers which hold together our fabric are thinner than we thought. Over the past weeks, we’ve seen our government lock us down, prevent us from working, and encourage rioting and looting of our urban areas.

If you don’t think the election will be followed by historic-level rioting, you don’t pay attention very well.

So let’s break down the likely scenario to follow the U.S. Presidential election and how you can begin preparing now.

The Election Riots – How It Probably Happens

There’s a proxy battle happening between the Right and the Left. The Left wants mail-in voting, while the Right does not. The Left says mail-in voting gives everyone access to a voice, while the Right pushes a narrative of voter fraud. Let’s not delve into the debate, rather, let’s explore how this grind likely concludes.

Election Night Won’t Decide The President

If you feel that November 4th ends our divisive agony one way or the other, you’re most likely wrong. Instead, a likely scenario plays out whereas President Trump wins, potentially in landslide fashion on actual election night. But then, the mail-in votes arrive, and Democrats begin pushing rhetoric that the election remains in limbo until “all votes are counted.”

Many states allow mail-in ballots to arrive late. Pennsylvania, the single most critical state for both parties, allows three days beyond election night. Other states are allowing for even longer periods of time. This assures there will be no decision reached on election night.

If Trump is to win on election night, he’s likely to say he’s the clear winner. This will fan the flames of a Left that’s already spreading rhetoric involving Trump “refusing to leave.”

And this is where riots begin. The riot reaction greased its grooves following a series of police shootings around the nation. We understand that Democratic cities are less likely to force law and order. If you think the police riots were bad, wait until the Left pushes the “Trump refuses to accept the results of the election” narrative.

Cities may burn. And worse more, when there is nothing left to torch, its obvious that rioters will be forced to move out of the cities and potentially into suburbs.

The Suburbs Are Armed

If rioters choose to move into the suburbs of Right or Swing states, it’s almost certain they’ll be met with return fire in some capacity. But equally certain will be the rioters ability to harm infrastructure. They can make it difficult to go to a local Target or grocery store. They could flash-attack strip mall dining places. The potential to wreak havoc and stoke fear in suburbia is limitless.

If you are depending on your neighbors to protect you, think again. If things get bad, most likely, it will be everyone for themselves. The only people who will “team-up” will be those who are already prepared. Everyone else may end up as extra weight.

That said, it’s imperative that you get supplies now.

Prepper Items You Need Now

The TLDR Short List (items likely to run out as we approach election night).

Guns and Ammo

Buying guns right now for a potential civil war will be futile if you don’t understand the current state of ammo. Ammo is running out. It’s been in and out of stock every since lockdowns began back in March. Record amounts of people ran out and bought guns during the lockdown. But for many of these people, they can’t find ammo.

If you have a gun but no ammo, what’s the point?

So let’s talk about the ammo situation and how you can deal with it as a new gun buyer.

A few things make ammo scarce during bad times.

  • How cheap it is
  • How popular the gun is

These two factors work synergistically. If a gun is popular (think 12 gauges and 9MMs) then it stands to reason when the masses go to buy ammo, that ammo is going to go first. Case and point, right now, finding 9MM and 12 gauge buckshot is rough waters. The 12 gauge is one of America’s most popular guns. And the 9MM is a very popular handgun caliber, including with police.

The AR15 is extremely popular. It’s caliber, .223 or 5.56, is difficult to find.

On the other hand, .45 caliber is a bit easier to find. That ammo is more expensive. When the common person purchases a firearm, they consider how much the ammo will cost.

So what can you do?

Do not just go buy a gun. Research how much ammo is available. Visit your local gun store and ask them which caliber ammo is typically in stock and how much they will sell you. Many gun stores began limiting how much ammo you can buy at a time.

Visit an online ammo dealer such as Palmetto State Armory and search for different calibers. They almost always have daily deals for bulk ammo buys. If you currently have a gun, visit Palmetto and buy ammo for it now. It’s going to run out the closer we get to election night.

Which gun is best?

When it comes to SHTF, owning a firearm can be essential. Clearly, you need to obtain the gun through legal means and be of sound mind. Depending on state laws, I’m a huge believer that the AR15 is the best SHTF gun on earth. It’s accurate, you are able to load larger magazines, it’s got manageable recoil, it is lightweight.

That said, you need to check into whether or not you can get .223 or 5.56 ammo. Again, without ammo, it’s pointless to own a gun.

A 12 gauge shotgun is my number 2 SHTF gun. The downside is less ammo loaded and massive recoil. The upside is that a 12 gauge is easy to use and does massive damage in a single shot. You’d need to look at Palmetto State and search for buckshot.

Handguns, such as 9MM and .380MM are good, but ammo is in short supply for them. You might have better luck with a .45 caliber. However, you’ll pay more for ammo. Additionally, handguns are more difficult to use and be accurate.

Food Storage

Are you seriously planning to wait until the grocery store shelves are empty again? Think back only a few months to when toilet paper was nowhere to be found and we were experiencing a potential meat shortage.

To start, get a freezer (they ran out all over the country a few months ago, but seem to be back). Your best bet is probably to run to Lowes or Home Depot first, if that fails, here’s a decent freezer option on Amazon. Anything is better than nothing at this juncture in time.

If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, get one. I recommend the Food Saver vacuum sealer on Amazon. You should seal up meat that you freeze. You can also seal up veggies, pasta, whatever you like. A vacuum sealer is a must-have for any prepper.

Get surplus food. I recommend Valley Food Storage. You can get years of food supply that taste good and is easier to store than bulky meats.


Its always a good idea to purchase bottled waters, just in case. Amazon has a good water deal.

Home Alarm

As unemployment rises and government supplemental income wanes, it won’t just be rioting that you’ll need to be concerned with. Crime in general is likely to rise. I recommend you put in a home alarm. I recommend SimpliSafe. They are a DIY home alarm that does not force you to purchase a subscription for the alarm system to work. Further, you can purchase the components that fit your needs and keep costs down.

Make an Election Night Prepper Plan

Do you live in a neighborhood or apartment complex? If so, it’s a good idea to talk to your neighbors and create a plan for defending your life and potential property. Your life is always the priority over property. If you live in a highly liberal area, tread lightly on how you approach neighbors. They may feel less inclined to participate in a plan if they feel you are accusing liberals of potential violence. It’s also a good idea to determine who you can trust.

Encourage Supply Purchases

Don’t tell any of them how much ammo or supplies you have, simply remind them they should get their supplies. The more prepped your street is, the less likely things go bad.

Overall, it’s not paranoia to prep, in fact, it is just the opposite. It’s common sense that helps you sleep at night.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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