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How To Siphon Gas From A Car Or Tank In An Emergency

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How To Siphon Gas From A Car Or Tank In An Emergency

This article will teach you how to siphon gas. Why would you need to know how to siphon gas?

Why Learn To Siphon Gas?

I think we’ve all experienced that feeling of nearly running out of gas. And for some of us, we’ve actually run out of gas. There is nothing convenient about running out of gas in any way, shape or form. But in our modern world, we have a lot of safety nets that will save us if we ever do run out of gas before our lives are endangered.

The same can’t be said if we are in a bug out scenario, right when SHTF. Or, a month into a power grid collapse. Once the gas is gone, as a prepper, you will need to be able to resource gas in some way. In those situations, you will truly need to learn how to siphon gas. Because after an EMP attack, I’m thinking that AAA may not be able to come to your rescue anymore.

Learning how to siphon gas is truly a most valuable prepper skill. In this article, we will talk about how to siphon gas in a manual way (with not much help from prepper gear) and in ways using some affordable prepper gear like a gas siphon pump. We will also discuss siphoning gas from both older and newer cars (it makes a difference). In the end, prepping is a skill that is acquired from your willingness to learn. And that starts now.

How To Siphon Gas

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Some of us have likely attempted to siphon gas in the past. Maybe just to see if we could do it, maybe we were in a situation which required we do it. In older automobiles, we could use the simplicity of a water hose to make it happen.

Siphon Gas – The Concept

As a kid, I learned the art and value of siphoning with a hose as a way to empty out our boat’s ice chest. Siphoning means you pull out the fluid from a container (automobile gas tank, portable gasoline tank, gas station pump, gasoline vats) with your mouth by sucking it in. Once you feel it reaches your mouth, you need to expel it from your mouth (spit) and hope that you infused the hose with enough energy to begin a pumping situation. If you did it correctly, the fluid will pump from the source until air can intercept in between the fluid and the pump and the source of the fluid. It isn’t a difficult concept to understand, but doing it is an entirely different story. Additionally, when it comes to siphoning gasoline, one must be aware of the safety risk involved with getting gasoline into your mouth.

Siphoning gasoline manually via your mouth is something that should only be done if you are desperate and unprepared. Below we will explain some easy ways to be prepped by adding things to your bug out bag essentials list, but you should still learn to do it manually.

How To Siphon Gas From A Car

No matter how dire the circumstances might be in a bug out scenario, gas will be out there for the taking. There will be gas stored in gasoline tanks, maybe your own. There will be gas at pumping stations (remember, after an EMP attack, all bets are off the table as to whether they are functional so siphoning might be the only true option). But the most obvious place you will find gas will be in cars. And cars should be everywhere. You might have an extra car that you can siphon gas from to fill up your bug out vehicle. You might come upon abandoned cars that still have some gas in them. This isn’t me telling you to loot cars of gas, but if you find deserted automobiles, it might be survival of the fittest hour. A little extra gas could save you and your family’s life.

There is a big difference between siphoning gas from an old car versus a new car. New cars have theft devices installed that present more challenges. I can’t tell you which cars qualify, you’ll have to figure that out.

Most of it comes down to tank access. Newer cars make it more of a challenge to access the tank. Again, we have some prepper gear solutions below, but for now, let’s deal with an old car that has a straight line shot access to the fuel tank.

First, you need a hose. If you have access to a garden hose, this may work, depending on the tank’s space. Otherwise, I suggest you snag a cheap hand pump siphon on Amazon. You can even add this to your bug out bag or bug out vehicle. Its handy for non-prepper situations just as well. It will allow you to pump fuel from any source you need, you can also use your mouth if needed (again, strongly ill-advised unless circumstances call for it). Essentially, insert the hose down into the fuel tank.

Here’s a video that shows you how to siphon gas manually. Now, he’s using the hose and his mouth, but his simple method allows you to blow in, not out. It’s pretty darn awesome, to be honest.

Now, that covered the simplicity in concept when it comes to an old car. This doesn’t work so well in the newer cars, however. So let’s modify our strategy. Same concept, just different ways to get the job done and get our fuel on.

First, a note: Some people may choose out of frustration and anger or even strategic logic to break through the tank. Some might use any number of tools like screwdrivers with hammers to do so. This is a tough method and you risk creating an explosive situation. Metal on metal creates sparks. Sparks around gasoline, well, that’s not safe at all. You really do not want to use such a method; it could seriously injure you.

Siphon Gas Via Gas Tapper

For the next method, you will need a gas tapper to enter the fuel tank. Here’s a well-reviewed Gas Tapper on Amazon. This thing is a big bad piece of prepper gear that can get gas from virtually any source.

gastapper siphon device

gastapper pictured here

This way of siphoning gas is a bit tougher to understand. I should note, it does require electricity. I think every prepper should have one, but also have the other manual one in the event you have no backup power supply.

These items should both be in the vehicle you plan to bug out in. Aside from that, it is hugely important that as a prepper, particularly if you are new, you understand how these concepts.

Siphon Gas Conclusion

My how to siphon gas guide is intended to teach people a skill for use on a potential bad day. The ability to siphon gas means being prepared for a societal collapse, or even just a common roadside emergency.

Photo by bradleyolin

Author: Jim Satney

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