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Hurricane Florence Prompts States of Emergencies In NC, SC, Virginia

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Hurricane Florence Prompts States of Emergencies In NC, SC, Virginia

Tropical storm Florence is set to restrengthen throughout the day and become a major hurricane. North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia have all declared states of emergency in preparation for Hurricane Florence’s potential arrival. Forecasts now believe that Hurricane Florence could swell to as large as a category 4 hurricane, though many have it backing down to a category 3 as it approaches landfall. Florence’s most likely landfall spot is between Georgia and North Carolina.

A category 3 hurricane is a major storm that will inevitably produce large-scale damage over a large swath of area.

Florence has entered warmer, more favorable waters for growth this morning as she continues her westward track. Florence should turn slightly northwesterly later today, putting her on a path that could impact anywhere from northern Florida, through the Carolinas, and as far north Virginia.

Another poor scenario involving Hurricane Florence is the potential for the storm to be slowed down by the powerful high-pressure system that’s currently acting as the storm’s steering. A slower hurricane ripe with intense power is a recipe for disaster. The longer the duration and the greater intensity of the storm, the worse the flooding, tidal surge, and wind damage, will be.

Florence was previously a category 4 hurricane before wind shear broke her up. The wind shear is now gone and the temperature of the water beneath her is continuing to warm.

Hurricane Florence is already producing large surf all across the eastern seaboard. While such events are good for surfers, the large swells also serve as a warning to residents living near the coast that the time for making preparations is coming to an end.

Hurricane Florence should make landfall in the United States next Wed – Fri. Major flooding, damaging winds, and tidal surges are all likely to be a part of Hurricane Florence’s arrival.

“Residents and interests living along and near the Carolina coast and even up toward the Virginia Capes should closely monitor Florence and be ready to put their hurricane plan in place,” AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski said. “If you do not have a hurricane plan in place, do so immediately.”


Stores in the potentially affected areas are already selling out of supplies. If you have a preppers list (and you should), the time is now to find the pertinent items for hurricane survival and create a plan. Be aware of your local hurricane evacuation routes. Follow any evacuation orders in your area.

If you can get out, do so. The earlier you evacuate, the better your odds are of not getting stuck in traffic.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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