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PLAGUE CASE: Idaho Child Becomes 5th Ever Case For State

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PLAGUE CASE: Idaho Child Becomes 5th Ever Case For State

An Elmore County, Idaho has been diagnosed with the plague. Since 1992, there have been no reported human cases of the plague in Idaho.

Idaho health officials are still unsure if the bacterial disease, or plague, was obtained in Idaho or Oregon. The child was reported to have traveled in Oregon where the potential exposure could have occurred initially before returning to Idaho.

Idaho has rarely seen any cases of the plague, making this case something that health officials are heavily monitoring. In 1991 and 1992, Idaho reported two plague cases respectively. Before, that, there were only three cases reported prior to 1940.

The plague isn’t incredibly unusual in wildlife in western states. A human who is exposed to the plague is typically exposed via a rodent bite. Ticks have also been known to cause exposure.

The plague’s name is often associated with the terrifying ramifications that played out during the middle ages bubonic plague pandemic whereas millions of people died. Typically, antibiotics are used to treat plague victims successfully.

People in the area should not have contact with dead animals, rodents, even fleas. Taking proper precautions with natural repellents can be helpful, as well as wearing long sleeves and pants, and keeping your campsite as clean as possible. Always make sure if your pet is sick to take precautions. Don’t allow any grains or rodent-friendly foods to stay out and attract them to your area.

Photo by Pan American Health Organization PAHO

Author: Jim Satney

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