IL Coronavirus State of Emergency May BAN FIREARMS, Gasoline, Take Possession of Property

coronavirus ban ammo illinois

Champaign, IL–Mayor Deborah Feinen of Champaign, Illinois has enacted a state of emergency. The current order affects nearly 90,000 people. Worse more, among the possible order actions is the discontinuance of firearms and ammo sales. Within Feinen’s order there exists not a single case of coronavirus.

Here’s a full list:

  • Ban sale of firearms and ammunition
  • Ban sale of any alcohol
  • Closing of all bars, taverns, liquor stores, etc
  • Ban sale or giving away of gasoline or other liquid flammable or combustible products in any container other than a gasoline tank permanently fixed to a motor vehicle
  • Direct the shutoff of power, water, gas, etc
  • Take possession of private property and obtain full title to same
  • Prohibit or restrict ingress and egress to and from the City

Why would the city ban firearms and ammo? Maybe they sense the growing discontent over the coronavirus fear-mongering that’s led to hyper government control with little in the way of mortality. When you read this list, it wreaks of a liberal government taking advantage of the media’ pandemic fear-mongering as a way to take more control over the herd. What do alcohol, ammo, gas and water, and private property have to do with coronavirus?

So if Mayor Feinen decides, they can take possesion of your property “for the greater good of preventing coronavirus.” The good news is, you’ll have no way to defend yourself. Nowhere to drive when gasoline pumps are shut off.

Coronavirus Fear-Mongering Proves Government Can Trick The Herd Into Signing Over Rights

Even if/when coronavirus flounders due to increasingly lower mortality rates as case numbers rise, politicians now realize they have the power to destroy a thriving economy and swipe your rights in one fell swoop.

The order can be found here.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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