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Is Donna Brazile Implying She Knows Who Killed Seth Rich?


Is Donna Brazile Implying She Knows Who Killed Seth Rich?

The murder of DNC staffer, Seth Rich, remains one of the more intriguing, terrifying and sad narratives from the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign. It remains an unsolved mystery, though a number of theories exists linking Rich’s death to that of Rich being the Wikileaks leaker. The unsolved case has largely disappeared in mainstream media cycles who have largely pushed the narrative that Rich was chosen at random and gunned down.

Back in 2016, Sean Hannity notoriously stirred up audiences by suggesting Rich’s death wasn’t random. Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, has long implied that Rich was the leaker.

But this week, Rich’s name has reappeared in headlines as part of the Donna Brazile fallout. Brazile, the former DNC campaign manager turned DNC whistleblower, seems to convey a message that Rich’s murder is as absurd as it seems to the rest of us. When pressed by talk radio host Matsimela Mapfumo-Mark Thompson, Brazile seems to take the blame for Rich’s death, calling the former staffer her “child.”

This has led to speculation that Brazile potentially could have intervened in Rich’s murder. She doesn’t say that, there is no proof in the matter, however, listening to her responses does raise some questions. Is Brazile holding back on fragments of knowledge in the matter? Does she know more than she’s admitting? Her voice is shaky, and there is a sense of deep guilt and regret in her voice. What did she fail to protect Seth Rich from, a guy she now reveres as her child?

Would any of this matter? Hillary Clinton has stated publically this week that investigating her and her team over the details of the Uranium One deal would largely be an abuse of power by President Trump. She clearly feels above the law. I’m not saying there is a connection between herself and Rich’s murder, but even if there were, the Clintons would likely remain comfortably out of reach from the DOJ, as per the usual.

The Uranium One deal blatantly exposes the Clinton campaign as the political party associated with Russia, something they long contested was a Trump campaign narrative. Brazile’s whistleblowing has mostly been treated by Liberals as an attempt by Brazile to sell copies of her new book, Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House. Maybe the book’s potential success hinged somewhat on Brazile’s exposure of DNC corruption, however, that doesn’t make what she’s saying any less true.

Since Brazile’s whistleblowing moment, the DNC has seemingly attempted to shed away the Clinton layers from its party. Potentially, they’ve finally realized that the Clintons are a drag on a party that is desperate to capture more leverage in midterm elections which are a mere handful of months away. While many in the DNC have attempted to bury Brazile, they’ve certainly not avoided to reacting to her by changing their tone on the once untouchable and revered Clinton. Some have went so far as to now condemn former President Bill Clinton for his string of sexual assault allegations from the 1990’s. Too little, too late, has been the story of the DNC ever since former President Barak Obama served as a lighthouse for the party.

In the case of Seth Rich, his passing likely holds many keys to the depth of DNC corruption that’s caused the turmoil. If Rich was, in fact, murdered at random, that most certainly stomps out a lot of nefarious possibilities in terms of potential scandals. It is odd that there has never been proof of a killer presented to the public. It is odd that Brazile seems to have some guilty attachment to Rich’s death. But then again, the DNC has served up a slew of absurdity for over a year’s worth of time. We are no longer in an age of surprises, more an age of dismal expectations.