“We are worried about why they have decided to remove people who were selected due to their experience and competencies at the highest level,” Siliquini told the Guardian.

“We are also worried about who will make up the next council and, especially, if the nominations are politically motivated.”

italy mandatory vaccines

Italy’s Five Star Party is in a contentious battle over mandatory vaccines with medical groups.

Siliquini believes there to be no legitimate or scientific reason to have removed these members from their seats. She claims that Grillo never met with council members in her six months as Health Minister.

The Five Star Movement, which is a right-leaning party, has noted its ambition to remove mandatory vaccine laws and has questioned vaccine safety. In fact, Grillo’s party already removed a mandatory vaccine law that covered 10 illnesses.

And this is what it all comes down to: vaccine laws.

Italy’s health establishment despises the Five Star Movement’s scrapping of the mandatory vaccine laws, accusing it of leaving “the health of the weakest and most defenseless children” at risk.

In Italy, change not only with vaccine laws, is in the air. The country is moving more towards stronger borders and medical freedom.

Italy, like the U.K., the United States (Trump), Brazil (Bolsonaro presidential victory), and now France (Paris riots), are experiencing populist revolts that signify a global change. Germany is on the brink of similar change with the ousting of Merkel.