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BREAKING: James Comey ‘Deleted’ Trump Memos…NYT Never Saw Them

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BREAKING: James Comey ‘Deleted’ Trump Memos…NYT Never Saw Them

Former FBI Director, James Comey, has raised concerns about the legitimacy of his recent testimony. The Senate Intelligence Committee asked Comey for a copy of his memo (that sounds reasonable). This is the same memo that Comey admitted to leaking to the New York Times.

Comey claimed that he was compelled to take notes during his interactions with President Trump because he didn’t trust the President. Daniel Richman, a friend to Comey, carried out he leak. Comey claimed that reporters being staked out in his driveway caused him to feel discomfort in leaking the memo himself.

If we look at the text version of the committee hearing, Comey clearly states that a copy of that memo will be provided to the committee.

So Comey was compelled to take these notes due to feeling a general distrust of Trump, which would serve Comey to protect himself. Yet, he deletes the memo? Why delete the copies of the source of your supposed ethics?

Further odd, the source, or leaker, never saw the memo, either.

Instead, it was all read over the phone. So yes, the New York Times reporter never saw it for himself.

The Comey timeline, as he portrayed during the hearing, seems to be highly questionable at this juncture as well. Remember, Comey was under oath. The New York Times already had information before May 11th. On May 16th, the New York Times reported claimed to have had access to the memos for “a few days.”

So now we have to ask, why did Comey delete the precious memo? And why didn’t the reporter ever see it?

Author: Jim Satney

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