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Another Jeffrey Epstein Witness Disappears Into Thin Air

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Another Jeffrey Epstein Witness Disappears Into Thin Air

A successful model agency owner has disappeared without a trace. Even more compelling? It appears the man has info regarding the Jeffrey Epstein case.

72-year-old Jean-Luc Brunel is now missing and no one seems to know where to find him, including police who want to question him in regards to ongoing pedophilia cases against Epstein. The investigation has sent International police to the United States, Europe, and Brazile, but it appears that Brunel is nowhere to be found. Whether or not he remains alive is deeply in question.

According to one report, Brunel is now ‘a ghost who has disappeared without trace.’

Brunel founded the famous New York’s MC2 modeling agency. Over recent months, he’s denied any knowledge over Epstein’s alleged criminal network. But the potential connection between Brunel and Epstein is based around an MC2 model named Svetlana Pozhidaeva. Svetlana has shown up in 2016 pictures taken at Epstein’s luxurious Manhattan mansion. Svetlana’s father claims the picture is not his daughter. The day before the picture was taken, another picture of Prince Andrew at the same location was taken.

Epstein owned a mansion in Paris, the same city where Brunel lived.

But now Brunel, according to sources, has no contact information, no social media, he’s literally vanished. It’s difficult to ignore the vast amount of deception that’s infected the Jeffrey Epstein case over the years. But the most recent and shocking events, including the Epstein ‘suicide,’ are almost ripped straight from the pages of a Lifetime movie. Epstein’s autopsy showed indications that his death was far from suicide-related.

The entire spectacle wreaks of a political elitist coverup. Considering Epstein’s tight relationship with Bill Clinton, one has to wonder how ‘deep’ the deep state really is. At this point, it would seem it’s infinite in depth. And that’s terrifying for all of us.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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