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JetBlue Says Your Emotional Miniature Horses Can Fly With You

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JetBlue Says Your Emotional Miniature Horses Can Fly With You

Defecation, urination, noise, and even animal deaths are among a number of reasons why airlines are attempting to restrict emotional support animals from boarding their aircraft. Many airlines are creating a new set of restrictions as a way to cut down on the issues experienced by passengers taking emotional support animals on board.

Many airlines feel that the emotional support animals are often not trained (go figure) and that results in confusion and potential danger and discomfort for passengers and animals alike. In fact, Delta airlines claims an 84% increase in incidents such as onboard defecation since 2016 alone.

Are we surprised? The trend to get an emotional support animal has gone far beyond its intended purpose. Many people declare their animals as “emotion support animals” without good reason but are able to do so under simple and easy state protocols.

JetBlue is one of those airlines that feel something needs to be done, however, they aren’t willing to slash miniature horses from their list of approved emotional support animals. It almost sounds like a joke, but unfortunately is it anything but a joke.

“With these new policies, we’ve developed a thoughtful and collaborative approach to balance the needs of customers requiring assistance while responding to the extensive feedback we’ve received from customers and crew members concerned about their health and safety,” said JetBlue’s VP of safety, John Allen.

This means hedgehogs, ferrets, goats, snakes, birds of prey, and chickens, are now banned. My God, what’s been going on? I’ve never seen a hedgehog or chicken on a flight and I’m not sure I’d have been thrilled with a snake coiled up next to me.

What’s not on the list? Yep, as the title expresses, miniature horses are still good to go, according to JetBlue. The limit for JetBlue is now dogs, cats, and miniature horses. Maybe this is something more being forced on JetBlue at a federal level? I’m not sure, but it is insane no matter how it worked itself out. There is no reason a miniature horse should be chilling on a plane. In fact, wouldn’t a miniature horses flapping its tail in a coach aisle cause other people anxiety?

And don’t think this doesn’t happen…

To cut down on rampant emotional hedgehog and goat travel, the airline will now enforce a policy that assures none of these animals ever are allowed to board, even with a verified signed document from the mental health professional. Otherwise, you will need documentation from a mental health professional who prescribed you a miniature horse for your anxiety, or whatever. A medical professional that prescribes a damn miniature horse to someone may be sitting in the wrong seat, honestly.

The policy doesn’t affect anyone who truly needs an emotional support animal, such as the blind, but my guess is a lot of “anxiety lizards” are going to need to get a bus ticket for their summer trip to Disney World.

Photo by Ruocaled

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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