If you aren’t comfortable with foul language, I’d highly suggest you navigate away from this latest Joe Rogan rant regarding the “lying media.”

I will say this, the comedian and part time UFC announcer, seriously nails the mainstream media situation on all levels. Rogan calls them out for being agenda oriented and laden with sources that are essentially in their pockets.

I’ve said for years that the media is the cause of the divide in our country and never has that been more obvious than it is today. The media is seeking to hang Trump by driving negative Trump narratives down our throats on a daily basis. The question now is, will the people ever realize who they are really fighting? At this point, it seems like that answer is a clear “no.”

The media wants to control who is elected in our country. And now that they’ve failed, they are in overdrive to “make it right” per their own liberal agendas.

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