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John Podesta Threatens Ivanka’s Husband ‘Jared better start wearing his kevlar on his back’


John Podesta Threatens Ivanka’s Husband ‘Jared better start wearing his kevlar on his back’

Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign manager and symbol of most things humanely creepy, John Podesta, seemingly threatened President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

“Jared better start wearing his kevlar on his back,” Podesta stated after apparently the Washington Post article that exposed Kushner for having meetings in the White House with foreign officials.

The White House isn’t exactly copping to the claims that Kushner was being used by foreign governments to manipulate the Trump administration, however, the allegations don’t sound great. But why don’t they sound great? Because Obama and Hillary and Podesta regularly conducted similar business in the White House.

Kushner’s attorney largely denies the claims, saying it is just “unnamed sources peddling second-hand hearsay with rank speculation.”

Podesta, however, claims that the leaks are derived directly from the White House which validates them as authentic.

Dan Scavino, the White House social media director, said that Podesta’s comments were “creepy.”

“Creepy John Podesta with a threat directed at the Presidents son-in-law….disgraceful,” he wrote. “Not surprised!”

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Trump has turned off Kushner’s privileged White House access, so there must be something to the claims. Or at least enough to warrant a deeper investigation into the matter. Kushner has long been a source of controversy for the White House. Mueller has consistently attempted to tie him into the Russian witchhunt case. It is possible that Trump is losing his patience for his current son-in-law. All things being equal, one has to think that Thanksgiving dinner this year might be a little awkward for the Trump family.

In fairness, all White House aides had their privileged information access downgraded (pending they had higher level access in the first place). The White House might be attempting to cut down on internal leaks which have plagued the Trump administration since day one.

Photo by Center for American Progress

Author: Jim Satney

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