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Judge Denies Custody For Parents Who Refused Chemotherapy, Used Natural Medicines

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Judge Denies Custody For Parents Who Refused Chemotherapy, Used Natural Medicines

The parents who treated their 4-year-old son’s leukemia with holistic and natural medicines have lost custody of the child. Joshua McAdams and Taylor Bland-Ball decided against conventional chemotherapy, something Florida Judge Thomas Palermo deemed child neglect.

The parents must now enter into psychological evaluation to determine when and if they can see their child, or regain custody. The child, Noah Adams, is under the temporary custody of his grandparents. If the parents refuse to comply with the Judge’s orders, they risk losing permanent custody.

Several months ago, the parents refused to show up for Noah’s chemotherapy treatments prompting a Florida endangered child alert. The family was eventually located in Kentucky.

Noah’s leukemia diagnosis came in April of 2019. The parents placed their son into a chemotherapy treatment regimen, however, eventually decided against the conventional treatmement plan and opted to look into alternative health plans in Kentucky. The parents initially agreed to continue chemotherapy, but never showed up at scheduled treatments. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s department deemed the missed treatment as a “medically necessary hospital procedure.” The parents were then accused of having “refused to follow up with the life saving medical care the child needs.”

Brooke Elvington, the attorney representing the parents, says they plan to take the case up to the Second District Court of Appeals, according to an email obtained by TheHeavy.

“We remain adamant that the parents’ conduct did not constitute neglect pursuant to Florida law and that the final order contains a number of legal errors. We will continue to fight for Noah’s return to his parents.”

Taylor Bland-Ball claims the family participated in two rounds of chemotherapy (vincristine), but supplemented with holistic medicine approaches as well. Specifically, she says they used Vitamin B complex, an alkaline diet, rosemary, a liver-gallbladder-kidney-blood herbal extract, colloidal silver, mega dose vitamin C, collagen, reishi mushroom teas and breastmilk.

Taylor says they never fleed to Kentucky to evade any life-saving treatments, rather, she and Noah’s father were seekign a second opinion.

On April 16th, Bland says that Noah’s cancer was gone.

Bland also says she is pursuing cannabis treatments for Noah. The family’s attorney says Noah did recieve both THC and CBD treatments as well as chemotherapy.

But doctors countered Taylor’s claims on social media and through her attorney, prompting Judge Palermo to say that “there was absolutely no evidence presented at the dependency trial that any alternative therapy offered any actual effective treatment for Noah McAdams’ cancer.”

The case has polarized groups on both sides of the issue. Florida Freedom Alliance tweeted their version of what they’ve termed “forced chemotherapy” to Florida governor Ron DeSantis and President Trump.

FFA believes this is a case of medical kidnapping. They also believe, as stated on their website, that chemotherapy is dangerous.

“Chemotherapy drugs and coinciding protocols are risky and carry many dangerous side effects, including secondary malignancies and death. Any parent is reasonable to have concerns about the use of these poisonous agents for their child. Adult cancer patients are allowed the freedom to explore alternative treatments, to pursue second opinions, to pick and choose which actions they do or do not take to address their disease. This same liberty should be given to children and their families…

Coercing families to accede to their children undergoing medical treatment they are not comfortable with is a direct violation of human rights, informed consent, Nuremberg Code of Ethics, and frightful abuse of the government’s authority. The only ones neglecting Noah are the ones who assisted in having him ripped away from his loving, healing parents.”

Taylor Bland-Ball is considered to be deeply entrenched in the use of alternative medicine. Her LinkedIn profile makes claims that she studied pediatric nursing at the University of South Florida.

“holistic doula and CNA. What does holistic mean to me? It means focusing not only on your visible health needs and issues that can be physical seen and felt, but focusing on the full circle of your life. Your relationship, your nutrition, your environment etc. It is so important to include all these things as they can make a vast difference in your health and baby’s health.”

The Tampa Bay Times disclosed that the family has had past struggles with law enforcement. They claim that Joshua McAdams threw a toy at Taylor, but the toy ended up hitting Noah and causing a cut. McAdams was put in jail for three days. The case was eventually dropped a year later. For supports of Taylor and Joshua, the story appears as a hit job being used to tarnish their reputations as parents and caregivers.

One thing is certain, the case will continue to polarize supporters of the family and supporters of the state’s intervention. But it’s clear that the case speaks to the overall issue of parental rights, an issue currently being raised by those who fight against mandatory vaccine laws. The United States is continuing to experience a surge in parents learning how to homeschool. In California in particular, homeschool numbers are rising sharply.

Author: Jim Satney

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