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KA-Bar Globetrotter Review | Best Fixed Blade Survival Knives

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KA-Bar Globetrotter Review | Best Fixed Blade Survival Knives

My KA-Bar Globetrotter review is a testament to one of the best fixed blade survival knives around. This high-quality and brilliantly designed fixed blade knife offers consumers an economic and top-level knife that serves purposes in camping, hunting and even concealed carry. It is one of my best fixed blade survival knives.

This is a top-quality fixed blade survival knife. Go ahead and check out my KA-Bar Globetrotter review and see if you agree. And if you end up ordering one, don’t hesistate in leaving comments (good or bad). I love the feedback and it helps others decide which fixed blades are best for them.

The amedextrious sheath allows placing the knife in right or left-hand carry.

ka-bar globetrotter review

Its a super functional sheath that some might consider boring, but in the end, if you like high-quality and purposeful design, the KA-Bar Globetrotter’s sheath is right up your alley. It isn’t trying to win any fashion awards, just serve a real survival purpose. And it does that in spades. There are three hoops at the top of it that allow you to tie into it you want to hang it on your body in any capacity.

The sheath also has the unique attribute of molle attachable gear loops. So any molle attachable gear you purchase (or already own) should work nicely with the KA-Bar Globetrotter’s sheath.

ka-bar globetrotter sheath

At the top of the sheath, there is a snap you can undo for use as a beltloop. This makes carrying the KA-Bar Globetrotter a snatch. The dual snap button and velcro makes the survival knife feel tightly and securely attached. You also don’t have to undo your belt in order to attach it. You can quickly and easily attach the KA-Bar fixed blade to your belt and go on about your business.

ka-bar fixed blade sheath

Your KA-Bar Globetrotter will come out of the sheath super easy. Let’s check out the handle first.

ka-bar globetrotter handle

Its made from glass impregnated nylon, which is similar to the handles on a variety of other KA-Bar knives. The added texture (which I assume you can see in the image) along with the slight contour make the KA-Bar Globetrotter feel like a dream in the hand. The added texture gives it a slight stick feeling to the skin, which makes this fixed blade knife feel even safer to use. If your hand is normal to above normal in size, you should have no issues holding it comfortably. The simplicity of the handle allows you to deploy a variety of grip styles, depending on what task you might be attempting to accomplish at the time. As we all know, at times, we need the benefit of added leverage on a fixed blade but we want it without any sacrifice in safety. The KA-Bar Globetrotter offers that fluidly. You can easily use your thumb as blade leverage without risking severing your hand. The end of the handle has a lanyard attachment if you so desire. This helps assure that when using the knife with lanyard attached that you don’t end up stumbling the blade around the lanyard. Again, the KA-Bar Globetrotter is all about intelligent design.

Because the design is entirely simple, yet intelligent, I’d give this knife a top rating in terms of every day carry, including use as a self-defense knife. Obviously, self defense knives are a personal and subjective matter, but between the sheath and comfortable, simple blade design we see here, it works perfectly for someone like me. You can check out my best EDC knives list for more knives that are built for EDC self-defense.

You can use this knife for camping and hunting. You can skin animals and fish with ease. You can carve out branches or cut rope with it. It really serves a lot of useful purposes.

The blade. It sits at 3.5 inches.

ka-bar globetrotter blade

Now, the actual edge is a touch shorter than that (just keeping KA-Bar honest), but it is super close to the full blade’s 3.5-inch length stat. The blade is beautiful and coated in a stunning black finish. It seriously is mesmerizing to look at, almost to the point that I didn’t even want to use it for fear of smudging it (I did use it though, you bet that bottom dollar).

.156 is the KA-Bar Globetrotter blade’s thickness. It’s super sharp out of the box.

The KA-Bar Globetrotter would also be on my bug out bag essentials list in the place of a knife option.

You can buy the KA-Bar on Amazon here. You can also read the other amazing KA-Bar Globetrotter reviews there as well. I don’t see much of a chance in your being disappointed in the least, particularly after you note the affordable price considering the quality you receive.

You can also check out other options on my page dedicated to the best fixed blade survival knives. Don’t be afraid to shop around, but similarly, don’t worry about having buyer’s remorse if you end up purchasing a KA-Bar Globetrotter fixed blade. It’s legit and any preppers dream.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.