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Ka-Bar Mule Folder Review

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Ka-Bar Mule Folder Review

ka-bar mule folder reviewWithout question, one of the best knives I’ve ever owned. The Ka-Bar Mule Folder is a response to the overwhelming popularity fo the Ka-Bar fixed blade. It offers similar durability (I mean, it has moving parts, so that automatically deducts some strength) and it almost resembles a fixed blade while opened up. We all want a survival folding knife that behaves much like a fixed blade, the Ka-Bar Mule Folder is embarking on such territory. And it makes our best survival knives list. So stick around and check out my Ka-Bar Mule Folder Review.

This is a great knife for everyday carry. It is strong and sturdy and should last a prepper a lifetime. I really enjoy the balance of the knife. The handle offers solid grip even if you get it wet.

The folding mechanism offers safe and sturdy function. It snaps hard, so there is no question when the blade is set and locked. There were issues with a past Ka-Bar knife’s locking mechanisms, but that’s been resolved and is not related to this Mule Folder. This is truly a tactical survival knife if there ever was one. It weighs about a half a pound. It has a belt clip. It could be concealed in jeans, depending on the jean pocket sizes (really hit or miss there).

About Ka-Bar Knives as a company

Ka-Bar knives are about as reputable as any survival knife could ever be. They’ve been producing knives for centuries, long before we had the Internet around! They create sturdy, dependable and logical knives that can be used for a variety of uses, including tactical and camping and even everyday use. It would be hard to purchase a bad knife from this company.

Ka-Bar Mule Folder Blade

The Ka-Bar Mule Folder blade is just under 4 inches in length. Now, you get a shade over 3 inches in actual edge length. When you fold the blade, your overall knife length becomes 5.25 inches. When you open it up, you come in around a touch over 9 inches.

The blade will be super sharp out of the box. Be careful, I’ve seen complaints of people cutting themselves in the process of opening their Ka-Bar Mule Folder. I didn’t, but things happen to the unexpecting. All the same, it is nice to get a super sharp blade right out of the box. The AUS8 steel is amazing. And honestly, the lower price point of this knife means you are getting an excellent deal with the steel material used. This type of Japanese steel is easy to sharpen up and very durable. You can get is crazy sharp and that sharpness should last you for a good length of time (mine is still sharp, its been weeks and I’ve used it a lot).

I could list materials this thing is capable of cutting, but just think “anything.” Its seriously that sharp.

The blade will not feel any shimmy at all. Its locked into the base. Yes, it folds, but no, it doesn’t have that wobbly feeling many folding knives end up with.

Ka-Bar Mule Folder handle

Shape and surface of Ka-Bar Mule Folder handle lends itself to excellence in terms of both grip and comfort. Its a pleasure to hold, even while using it to carve our leverage based materials.

Ka-Bar Mule Folder Sheath

A cordura sheath is included.

Anything bad in this Ka-Bar Mule Folder Review? Not much. Its a heavy knife, that would be one  purchase consideration. If you are not comfortable with weighty knives, the Ka-Bar Mule Folder might not be the one for you. Higher quality material can often add more weight, so its the give and take scenario at play here.

The blade is very sharp. This knife could be dangerous to an inexperienced user, so proceed with caution. Other than that, this Ka-bar Mule Folder review passes the survival knife tests on both quality and durability levels. You can’t go wrong with it.


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Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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