A Kansas man claims he experienced a stroke after he went to an Overland Park, Kansas chiropractor’s office for an adjustment. He was taken away in an ambulance.

34-year-old Josh Clark, according to kctv5, was on what felt like a routine visit to Dr. Rick Connolly’s office when the stroke occurred.

“My symptoms happened laying on the table,” Clark said. “The word forceful came into my mind. That was more forceful than I ever felt was done, and before I even sat up on the table, I instantly had a major head rush and started sweating. Then within five seconds, sweat all the way to my fingertips, and I was getting dizzy.”

Clark says he threw up all over the office and then stumbled to the bathroom.

“It felt like I was upside down, like I was falling up. So I was kind of hugging the toilet, throwing up … trying not to fall into the roof. At that point, I had no control over myself at that point. That’s when I knew it was pretty bad,” Clark said.

Clark alleges he was going in and out of consciousness when he asked Dr. Clark to phone 911. The next thing he knew, he was waking up in an emergency room. Doctors soon realized that he’d experienced a stroke.

Clark is fine and well now, something his doctors believe to be a result of his youth. But that doesn’t mean the blame game hasn’t begun.

Clark’s neurologist provided this statement to the lawyer now representing Clark”

“I believe with reasonable medical certainty that the vertebral artery dissection and subsequent stroke were the result of chiropractic manipulation that Mr. Clark received.”

Clark and his lawyer say they were stunned by the response from the insurance company.

“At this time we cannot voluntarily make any offer of payment to you or your client. Our investigation shows Dr. Connolly Walker did not deviate from acceptable medical practice in this situation.”

Furthering Clark’s case, other chiropractors seem to agree that spinal adjustments can play a role in stroke causation.

“The profession down plays it. I mean obviously, it’s not good publicity for a profession. You have people going there for headache neck pain and they are coming out with a stroke,” Dr. Alan Harris Bragman said.

It of course, remains a debate. But cases such as this one look to expedite this awareness to the front of the line.

Have you ever had an adjustment by a chiropractor?

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