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Kansas University Trashed For Flying Desecrated Flag To Protest Trump

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Kansas University Trashed For Flying Desecrated Flag To Protest Trump

The University of Kansas is under fire tonight after it was discovered that university officials allowed a desecrated American flag to fly over the University grounds. They did so under the guise of an “art project” that was intended to protest President Trump. The University has removed the flag as of three hours ago after strong condemnation targeted University officials.

Kansas Chancellor Doug Girod said the project, called “Pledges of Allegiance,” inevitably  “generated public safety concerns for our campus community.”

“While we want to foster difficult dialogue, we cannot allow that dialogue to put our people or property in harm’s way,” Girod said.

Girod’s explanation for removing the flag is a bit questionable. It seems a bit more likely it was removed following outrage over the matter by those who don’t support desecrating our American flag. The only “generated conversation” so far was extremely harsh criticism of yet another University taking a decidedly liberal stance. The flag was put up, conveniently and sadly enough, on July 4th.

Rival Kansas State University was in damage control mode most of the evening making sure its university was not confused with the University of Kansas.

Republican governor, Jeff Colyer, condemned the University for allowing the desecrated flag to fly.

Author: Jim Satney

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