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Fox 10 Host Shreds Boss on Live TV For Telling Her To Hide Right-Wing Associations

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Fox 10 Host Shreds Boss on Live TV For Telling Her To Hide Right-Wing Associations

A Fox 10 on-air journalist and Emmy award winner Kari Lake didn’t take being told to hide her “right-wing associations” to kindly. In fact, she dropped an F-Bomb after her co-host, John Hook, seemed to conveyed that management would prefer she hide her association with Parler. Parler is considered a censorship-free competitor to Twitter, but it often gets dubbed as a right-wing outlet.

The video was caught on Facebook live and is now leaked across the Internet.

“I think they just think it’s been branded as a far-right kind of place,” Hook said, adjusting his wardrobe for the segment.

Lake replied harshly, saying, “Jesus.’

But the exchange quickly got more heated when Hook attempted to justify his request.

“So they don’t want you tied in with anything like that, where you’re going to get blowback from the New Times or whoever it is,” said Hook.

“F*#$ them. They’re 20-year-old dopes,” Lake responded. “That’s a rag for selling marijuana ads”.

“I know,” Hook said. “But then you’re in a position where they’ve gotta explain it or you’ve gotta explain it”.

“I’m reaching people,” Lake said.

Lake did not appear on her traditional 5 PM segment later that day, but it is unclear if the network removed her or she removed herself.

You can watch the full-clip here:

Author: Jim Satney

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