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Ketogenic Diet Helps Migraine Sufferers Find Relief

Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet Helps Migraine Sufferers Find Relief

A Ketogenic diet promotes eating healthy fats and moderate intakes of protein over carbohydrates. The diet has been a lightning rod of controversy for years, particularly as it has grown in mainstream popularity. Ten years ago saying “ketogenic diet” would have caused utter confusion. Today, people at least think of it as some form of low-carb, albeit, they see it as being carnivorous on a massive scale. Is a ketogenic diet for migraines, though? You might be surprised. And, as a prepper, you should definitely understand this if you are someone who suffers from migraines.

The diet means opting to remove carbs almost completely. For the most part,

ketogenic diet for migraines

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people will allow their carb intake to drop below 20 grams per day. But the science really is subjective. A ketogenic diet isn’t a carb scale’s point as much as it is human chemistry metric. The body’s ketosis levels, which can be measured by urine samples, is the true determiner. For some, eating 50 grams of carbs a day or less might return a sample that keeps them well-within the boundaries of a ketogenic diet. And ketosis can be fluid, meaning; you can have more or less ketones in the urine.

But overall, limiting carbs and shifting the body’s main source of fuel to fat is the overriding factor.

There are many ketogenic diet benefits (and similarly, there are reported side effects). I recommend gaining an understanding of what a ketogenic diet means because I do believe that it is a perfect prepper diet. When it comes to prepping, and this is a prepper website, people should have an understanding of ways they can eat to severely limit sickness and injury. Additionally, a key component in a prepper’s diet should be the ability to eat fewer calories and remain energetic even with long periods of time between meals. If things go bad, food might not be readily available, and you might be living from long-term food storage. You will need to go extended periods of time without food. A ketogenic diet helps to decrease hunger and push the stable energy of fat.

The ketogenic diet was introduced in 1921 as a way to manage symptoms of epilepsy. But it wasn’t until recently that “diet hackers,” often looking for ways to improve health and radically transform their body weight, have taken to the ketogenic diet.

A Ketogenic diet has been shown to eliminate migraines. This was first noted in a 2014 study on twin sisters when a ketogenic diet for migraines was more an accident than a strategy. The two sisters were 47 years of age, and both had suffered from migraines for years. But after being placed on a ketogenic diet for weight loss, the two sisters noted that their migraine symptoms had been relieved. Here’s a link to the study.

Prior to adhering to a strict ketogenic diet, the twin sisters suffered from severe and debilitating migraine symptoms. Vomiting was a common symptom for both. They’d attempted various prophylactic treatments, but all resulted in failures. It wasn’t until the ketogenic diet that the sisters found true relief. Of course, officially, the “science remains unclear” in terms of the ketogenic diets migraine relationship, but tons of anecdotal evidence exists.

Imagine if the world went to hell and you were a migraine sufferer. Your medications you commonly take would eventually run out. Pharmacies would be looted by the lawless. Imagine having to face the world before you while also suffering horrible migraine symptoms? This is why all preppers should try out the ketogenic diet for migraines because your ability to self-soothe your ailment could be the deciding factor in your ability to survive and thrive. A prepper’s diet most certainly matters.

Another prepper diet hack could be the use of MCT oils for migraines. MCT oils provide the body with ketones naturally, sans the intensity of the diet. MCT oils are popularly found in coconut oil. Could the ketones from coconut oil be used to alleviate symptoms of migraines? According to MigraineKey.com, it seems reasonable. Here’s another study showing short-term improvement via a ketogenic diet for migraines. That’s more evidence that hacking with MCT oil could be possible. Ketones block high amounts of glutamate, which seem to be found consistently in both those who suffer from epilepsy and those who suffer from migraines.

Now, hacking with coconut oil is good for the modern world. But its bad for the prepper’s world. Because preppers might not have a ton of access to coconut oil. And adding coconut oil to your bug out bag essentials list might not be logical considering coconut oil is heavy. It should be noted that pharma’s seizure medications, in terms of core function, block glutamate. The science is super supportive here.

Another reason the ketogenic diet might help reduce migraines is that, for the most part, you wouldn’t be eating any migraine trigger foods because you would be leaving processed foods behind. And processed foods are ripe with migraine triggers.

Ketogenic Diet For Migraines – Studies and Science

Hunger has also been noted as a migraine trigger. As is obesity. And often, hunger and obesity go hand-in-hand. The presence of ketones tends to help our bodies be less hungry. This is a great thing for a prepper that might want to cut down on caloric intake for purposes of food reserves. It is also a positive thing for some who wants to avoid migraine triggers. Eating coconut oil might be a ketone hack that also reduces hunger (study).

Oxidative stress is considered a migraine trigger (study). Pharma is working on migraine medications which serve to stop the release of a peptide that’s spawned from oxidative stress. Ketones inhibit oxidative stress (study).

Alzheimer’s is commonly associated with migraines. MCT oil has been noted as contributing to improved symptoms of the ailment (study).

When it comes to prepping, I believe that prepping your health should be a priority strategy. If you can find ways to improve your health now, ways to make your body more durable, you can both mentally and physically be prepared for anything that might lie ahead. Being a slave to pharma meds reduces our fragility levels. It is essential that we be as anti-fragile as possible

  • Take care of our health, because when things go south, we are going to need it.
  • Always make sure we have a survival bag ready to go.
  • Create a long-term food storage plan.
  • Buy survival gear, such as fire starters and flashlights and water purifying tablets (these should all be part of your bug out bag checklist).

Be sure the leave us a comment and contribute your thoughts on the matter of a ketogenic diet for migraines.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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