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Killer Robots Debated On UN Floor As Countries Push To Ban Them

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Killer Robots Debated On UN Floor As Countries Push To Ban Them

If you’ve been worried that the world is plummeting too fast into a world that’s so technologically advanced, humans are quickly becoming slaves, then stop reading, because your worst nightmares are truly only beginning. Apparently, the world is working on killer robots. And this isn’t a stretch in the facts. In fact, there are already protests erupting over the matter. But like many issues which matter, the herd is distracted by Hollywood’s salacious behaviors. Even after numerous calls for population control, we refuse to take our precarious future serious.

“Robots are not taking over the world”, one diplomat said while discussing what is known by technical name, autonomous weapons. The name “killer robots,” isn’t sitting well with those who are looking to invest in them, use them, or create them. The United Nations held a five day meeting over the matter. Killer robots, as they technically are, would be weapons that can act without human control to kill enemy targets. In no way could I see this becoming an issue (please accept my sarcasm as a part of this article’s lowly rare entertainment).

The UN’s Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) is hoping to solidify a list of rules and regulations that govern the matter of killer robots.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have news for you: the robots are not taking over the world. Humans are still in charge,” Amandeep Gill, an ambassador from India, said according to Yahoo!

Activism has been forcing the UN’s hand on the matter, claiming that killer robot innovations are moving faster than regulations, which could lead to a world full of unregulated killer robots. Gill claims the protesters are “dramatizing” the issue, as if to reduce the concern for regulating killer robots down to a Tuesday outfit decision in the movie, Mean Girls. But it isn’t just activist that are concerned, smaller, less-militarily equipped countries are also up in proverbial arms over the matter, citing that all instances of warfare should derive solely from human control. They are seeking a ban.

“Countries do not have time… to waste just talking about this subject,” Mary Wareham of the arms division at Human Rights Watch told AFP.

She then added “militaries around the world and defense companies are sinking a lot of money” into weapons that select and destroy targets without human control.

Campaign To Stop Killer Robots is an activist group leading the charge that’s aimed at completing the mission of their namesake. They are calling on the international community to ramp up activity over the matter, a process which they argue has been ultimately too slow, or “a snail’s pace.”

“The collective failure of countries to find a solution to their financial woes doesn’t mean they can stop addressing concerns over weapons that would select and attack targets without further human intervention” said Mary Wareham of Human Rights Watch, coordinator of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. “If the CCW is unable to act, nations must find other ways to maintain the momentum toward a ban,” she said. “Countries that agree with the need to retain human control of weapons systems should move swiftly to adopt national policies and laws and to negotiate a new international treaty prohibiting fully autonomous weapons.”

We once concerned ourselves with robots taking our jobs. In this more grim scenario, robots could ultimately be released, either by way of intention or by way of programmatic compromises, to inflict pain, suffering and death on humans. The potential consequences of robotic killing machines simply can’t be understated.

And 19 countries agree, according to StopKillerRobots.com

  1. Algeria
  2. Argentina
  3. Bolivia
  4. Chile
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Cuba
  7. Ecuador
  8. Egypt
  9. Ghana
  10. Guatemala
  11. Holy See
  12. Mexico
  13. Nicaragua
  14. Pakistan
  15. Panama
  16. Peru
  17. State of Palestine
  18. Venezuela
  19. Zimbabwe

And rightfully so, any country without the ability to provide their own war-mongering robots would be living as dangerously exposed. But I supposed, we all would.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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