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Kirsten Gillibrand Has Destroyed Due Process For Boys, Men

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Kirsten Gillibrand Has Destroyed Due Process For Boys, Men

Brett Kavanaugh isn’t likely to get the SCOTUS nomination. This is due to new claims that Kavanaugh participated in a “rape ring” while in college. Kavanaugh claims he has no knowledge of the latest accuser, Julie Swetnick, who is compliments of porn lawyer Michael Avenatti.

There is blame to go around. It’s easy to blame the tried and true Democratic playbook (see Clarence Thomas, see Trump), but the blame goes deservingly to Republicans who allowed the initial delay. Democrats were able to conjure up more inventiveness. Its a well funded (Soros) operation.

With no evidence to go on, a man’s life and career are soaked in the ruins of a vast and powerful deep-state campaign to oust him. I’m not going to preface any of that, we are beyond such actions.

It’s clear that none of us support rape.

Similarly, it is also clear that many of our herd don’t support due process. So I’m done “prefacing” with obvious morality.

If you are a parent of a son, its time you wake up and realize what just happened.

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand led the Democratic onslaught against Kavanaugh’s nomination. She’s largely ignored every semblance of respectable and inherent due process. She’s led and orchestrated in lynch mob fashion.

It has been trial by public scrutiny and Gillibrand has been the centerpiece, the Authoritarian, the lever puller.

Gillibrand is an apple that hasn’t fallen far from some potentially poisonous trees. Like every liberal in office, she’s protected by the cult of liberalism.

Your son is not so lucky.

Liberalism is now equatable to the powerful Scientology mafia that protects its compliant herd, but denigrates, disrupts, attacks and intimidates those who choose to flee.

Gillibrand was supportive of due process when it was necessary for clearing her name in having associations with a sex slave cult. That same due process that helped her thwart off political mortar fire is the same due process she believes Kavanaugh is undeserving of for his own defense.

Here’s a real headline from last March.

GOP Opponent Slams Gillibrand for Claiming ‘Ignorance’ of Alleged Sex Trafficking Group

The accusation was derived from none other than Chele Farley, her political opponent in the Senate.

Now Gillibrand, cleared of salacious and inaccurate allegations, is freely asserting that white men don’t deserve similar treatment in the eyes of justice.

Here’s the thing: Gillibrand is as certifiably nuts as she is a tragic hypocrite in a deep state game.

Case and point: Here’s Gillibrand reversing course on Bill Clinton in 2017, claiming he should have resigned following Monica Lewinsky’s allegations.

Here is Gillibrand in 2016, just ONE YEAR PRIOR, cuddling up to the same man she trashed one year later.

This is far from nonsensical. You can’t justify this type of behavioral hypocrisy by saying “we’ve changed as a society.” This is Gillibrand serving disruptive deep state ventures. When the deep state wanted Hillary, Gillibrand was there, supporting an accused rapist. When that convenience flew the coup following Trump’s 2016 campaign, Gillibrand was quick to put her former friend (Bill) out to pasture.

Gillibrand’s disturbing support of accused rapists certainly doesn’t end with Clinton. She’s also been spotted happily coddling embattled former Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein.


The Democratic farm is full of venomous copperhead snakes, but make no mistake about it, Gillibrand is a special kind of poison. Gillibrand is harkening medieval days that call for mob mentality to enforce political alliance. You are either with Gillibrand or your an enemy undeserving of basic human and civil rights.

Gillibrand is helping to usher in an era of cold fascism.

Republicans are at fault if Kavanaugh fails to confirm (which is now what I predict). They underestimated Gillibrand’s prowess and power. The questions now are; are the American people waking up to realize what’s happening to their rights? Are they fully understanding that due process is evaporating right before their very eyes? And more importantly, will Republicans make this same mistake when they move to confirm (potentially) Amy Cohen Barrett?

Don’t get lulled into the idea that Gillibrand and her liberal cohorts can’t torch Barrett. They can and will if given any amount of time or leash to do so.

GOP Never Should Have Delayed

I yelled it from the rafters “DO NOT DELAY.”

But even the hardest of Republicans (I’m not that) told me to “relax, its strategy.”

They were right. I was right. It was definitely strategy. The only problem is that it played right into the hands of Democrats, who used that time to conjure up a myriad of new nonsensical claims.

“Rape rings?”

Yep, that’s where we are. One of D.C.’s most prominent and well-established judges was a part of a vast, intricate rape ring in college. It makes sense to no one of sound mind, but it doesn’t have to; it just has to float through the social and mainstream TV mediums.

Gillibrand and her cohorts got the delay and salivated over the fact that they had now gained leverage. They were wagging the tail. The initial delay incentivized more invented claims, such as the Avenatti “rape ring” lunacy.

Some GOP extremist now believes that tomorrow will “show the truth.”

No, tomorrow will be more time used to establish new delays. Tomorrow will be a time that attempts to force the GOP to get over its fear of breaking political correctness code. Every valid question you could possibly ask of Ford will be considered “victim shaming.” That point made, they’ll ask none.

Parents With Sons Should Heed The Warning

The times, they are a changing.

If you have a son, you must consider the ramifications of a society that will run potentially sans any dignified version of due process. That’s happening. And it has legitimate support from those among our herd and those in powerful places.

If you have a son, you’ll now have to worry about trials by mob. Yes, a grown successful man’s career and family can be torched by 40-year-old allegations.

This will change parenting styles and it won’t be good for men or women, in the end.

Remember, the rules don’t apply to the elite. Gillibrand utilized her due process to shake allegations. She was innocent and never proven guilty. Do you think she’d feel the same way for your son in similar circumstances?

I think you know the answer.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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