LA Mayor Threatens To Shut Off Water/Power To Non-Compliant

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti shut power off

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is threatening to shut down nonessential business activity by pulling the plug on their water and power. Some businesses realize that shutting down is a death sentence, so they are trying to remain in operation. But Garcetti, who’s brazen language seems to have the support of the mob, focused on young people who he claims can suffer from COVID-19.

“Your behavior can save a life and take a life,” Garcetti said. “And that life could be yours.”

Garcetti says that his city likely won’t follow a Trump Easter order to reopen. He says that Los Angeles won’t be ready for business by then.

“The peak is not here yet,” he said. “It will be bad.”

But it was Garcetti’s draconian rhetoric directed at small businesses that have many, who are facing loss of income and unemployment, on edge. Garcetti announced the “business ambassadors program.” The program is part of a largescale effort to stop “nonessential businesses from operating.”

“This behavior is irresponsible and selfish,” he said of those that remain open.

He said the Department of Water and Power will cut off their power. He says that prosecutors will contact businesses prior to the shutoffs.

“The easiest way to avoid a visit is to follow the rules,” he said.

The mayor’s escalation in threat level towards small business owners is a change in tone, but not entirely unexpected. The mob is now convinced that they are in desperate trouble and the only solution is to shut down businesses. The effect could result in a massive, 30% unemployment rate. Unemployment claims are already surging at record levels. With the potential for abject poverty and the elimination of the middle-class on the horizon, the consequences of the virus are likely to pale in comparison.

But those who speak out in favor of putting America back to work are being shamed.

Author: Jim Satney

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