LA Whooping Cough Outbreak Hits Exclusive Private School

whooping cough outbreak

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A Los Angeles area private school known for its exclusivity is reporting dozens of whooping cough cases. At least 30 teens reportedly have the illness, according to Los Angeles health officials.

Health officials claim that they’ve identified three clusters of whooping cough amidst the outbreak. The Department of Health is issuing health alerts to local pediatricians warning them of the severity of the situation.

Of the teens currently diagnosed, 30 of them are said to attend Harvard-Westlake where tuition averages $40,000 annually. Of those 30 teens, all were vaccinated, according to officials. Only 18 kids opted out of the pertussis vaccination, none of which are sick. T

School officials are sanitizing classrooms and common areas hoping to limit the spread. Parents of children showing flu-like symptoms are being asked to get a whooping cough test.

News of the whooping cough outbreak intensified national vaccine debates. The news isn’t expected to soften the lines of division in any capacity.

Photo by conbon33

Author: Jim Satney

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