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How Lemons Could Help You Survive A Crisis

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How Lemons Could Help You Survive A Crisis

That saying about life giving lemons and lemonade? Yeah, that. I think that might be what we’re talking about here.

The world ends, do you have lemons? The answer is “probably not,” but if you happen to have some, you might be in luck for a little extra survival padding. And if you are just prepping for some short-term issues, like storm outages and such, you should really get to know the lemon…

If things go bad and you need to “bug out,” it might not be a likely scenario that lemons are abundantly hanging from the surrounding trees. It almost seems a little too fairy tale’ish if the dollar is crashing or the power grid is being attacked.

–PrepForThat TIP: Prepare your family for disaster with a 30-day food supply.

But, one never knows. If you are able to obtain lemons during a bad time, they can be mighty helpful. They can also be pretty awesome during the good times, as well. This information helps you no matter what the circumstances may be.

Lemon juice can last for a few days if you refrigerate it. Frozen lemon juice could last until the world ends.  So stock up my survivalist’s friends…..


  • Lemons are known to balance your body’s alkalinity. Your PH levels being healthy is helpful when it comes to surviving dire stress.
  • Lemons are loaded in vitamin C. Often times, people forget that lemons are amazing sources of this super immune booster. Remember, your body doesn’t create its own vitamin C.
  • Lemon juice is capable of killing parasites inside your gut. If you drink bad water during a crisis, this could be helpful. Lemon juice can also serve as antibacterial wipes for treating insect bites and rashes.
  • Lemon juice has the ability to preserve sliced apples or open avocados. Simply spray a little on them and get longer life out of essential fruits.
  • Lemon juice can help soothe a sore throat. It is best when served in warm water, but if that’s not practical due to the circumstances, you can just put it in regular, filtered and purified, water.
  • Lemons also contain cancer-fighting antioxidants. Sure, during a crisis you might not consider this, but putting your body in a position of best health during hard times will help you in the long term.


So even if you don’t have to bug out, you might well need a bit of a health boost and lemons are perfect for that. They are one of the better fruits a survivalist could find applicable during a crisis and preserve.

But, if you don’t live in California, Italy or Florida, odds of hanging lemons being abundantly available are low. You’d have to have done your survivalist work prior to the crisis.

Freeze lemon juice in ice trays to make it a bit easier to deal with if you need it. One huge frozen block would mean defrosting the entire unit and then dealing with what you don’t need, or accumulating a serious amount of precious waste. The key to survival is definitely not wasting the things we survive with.

Hope for the best. For everything else, you might be making lemonade. And that might help you survive a lot longer than we ever assume life giving us lemons would.


Photo by JogiBaer2

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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