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Kansas Attorney Files Vaccine Lawsuit After State Attempts To Vaccinate Son

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Kansas Attorney Files Vaccine Lawsuit After State Attempts To Vaccinate Son

A Kansas City lawyer and his wife have filed a lawsuit in Blue Valley, Kansas that calls out Kansas vaccine requirements as “unconstitutional and archaic.”

For Linus and Terri Baker, this is not the first lawsuit filed over the issue of vaccines. In 2017, the couple sued the Kansas Department of Children and Families for proclaiming that the department would vaccinate their now 4-year-old son against their wishes. The department eventually backed down from the order. But a federal judge dismissed the Baker’s suit. Now that their son is nearly school age, the couple intends to reopen litigation.

The Bakers are the boy’s grandparents, however, they are now legally the adoptive parents. The current vaccine lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court of Kansas, takes on the Blue Valley school district, Attorney General Derek Schmidt, Secretary for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Lee Norman, and Gov. Laura Kelly.

“We have this right of having bodily integrity,” said Linus Baker in an exclusive interview with the Kansas City Star. “You can’t pump someone’s stomach against their wishes. You can’t make someone take drugs. You can’t make a woman have an abortion. You can’t do a lot of things because of bodily integrity. So why is it we can force a child to be injected with vaccines 24 times? It’s the same principle.”

Parties subject to the lawsuit declined to make any statement regarding the Baker’s sweeping lawsuit.
The Baker’s son was born with a heart condition. The condition required surgery at 6-months-old. Although he’s now considered healthy and recovered, the Bakers claim he still suffers from mental issues. They are also rejecting vaccines based on religious reasoning.
After an ongoing childcare battle that involved a forced state order for the Baker’s daughter, the boy’s biological mother, to vaccinate the child failed, the boy was never vaccinated.
Kansas allows religious and medical vaccine exemptions, something many local lawmakers are fighting. The contentious vaccine battle is as divisive as ever throughout the country as many measles outbreaks are being blamed on the unvaccinated. Those who oppose vaccines claim that measles outbreaks typically affect the vaccinated, rather than the unvaccinated. Libertarian and parental right activists groups are growing concerned with government medical overreach. The polarizing issue has resulted in a rise in parents learning how to homeschool, including large numbers of California parents setting up homeschools.


Author: Jim Satney

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