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‘Aggressive’ Longhorned Tick Found In North Carolina, DOA Issues Warning


‘Aggressive’ Longhorned Tick Found In North Carolina, DOA Issues Warning

A new “exotic” tick that’s typically found in Asia has now invaded North Carolina, according to the Department of Agriculture. Named the Longhorned tick, it is said to be aggressive in terms of biting people and animals.

The first instance of the Longhorned tick was found on an opossum just outside of the city of Charlotte. The finding has prompted a warning by veterinarians across the state.

Like most ticks, the Longhorned tick is a more than competent disease spreader in both humans and animals. Worse more, the females can reproduce autonomously. One female Longhorned tick can breed a tribe of ticks without the presence of a male Longhorned tick. This, of course, could spell disaster for the region.

“It is an aggressive biter and frequently builds intense infestations on animals causing great stress … and blood loss,” N.C. Department of Agriculture’s Michael Neault said of the Longhorned tick.

“It is a serious pest of livestock in its native regions ….This tick can spread pathogens among a diverse host range on which it feeds.”

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Currently, state officials truly have no idea how widespread Longhorned ticks are in the state. North Carolina, like many northeast states, endures issues regarding the infamous Lyme disease. This year, the state of Pennsylvania has stated that Lyme disease derived from ticks is “surging in children.”

Adding in a tick that multiplies with such efficiency as the Longhorned tick does into the equation could increase Lyme disease exponentially all throughout the region.

According to reports, the Longhorned ticks have come through New Jersey, finding their way to states such as West Virginia, Arkansas, and now North Carolina.

Tick diseases such as Lyme disease can be treated by use of antibiotics, but only if they are found early. It’s important to always check you and your children for ticks. Lyme disease warning signs include a bullseye-type ring at the spot of the bite (sometimes), fatigue, and flu-like symptoms.

Check out our tick repellent and tick survival guide for more information on tick basics.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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