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Los Angeles May Force Vegan Options For Restaurants

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Los Angeles May Force Vegan Options For Restaurants

The Los Angeles city council is proposing a new law that forces certain local food-based businesses to offer vegan food options. The council’s proposed law would prompt changes for Los Angeles International Airport, the city’s zoo, various movie theaters, and even sporting venues.

Unsurprisingly, the council member in charge of the proposal, Paul Koretz, contends the law will help in the war against climate change. And make it more convenient to be vegan.

The proposed law still needs the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office to approve it, however, this is Los Angeles…so why not?

vegan law los angeles

LA council member Paul Koretz wants to force vegan menu options on local businesses.

Koretz says that adding some tofu inspired fake chicken dishes will be no problem for restaurants, according to his interview in Variety.

“There’s really no downside to it. The change could easily be made in any venue. A movie theater serves hot dogs. They can serve vegan dogs. It’s easy.” He said.

Interestingly enough, Koretz has no restaurant business experience. So I’m not completely sure if he understands the logistics of forcing a business to serve up fake hot dogs. But that’s politics as we know it, particularly in California, where politicians tend to rule in a flighty, emotional manner, sans any logic or reason.

What would it take for a business to offer up tofu dogs? I really don’t know. And neither does Koretz (or so its safe to assume).

Will Koretz eventually ban steaks?

He might, but I’d safely assume those steaks won’t be banned in the Koretz household, just resident Californians.



Author: Jim Satney

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