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LA ‘Overrun By Rats’ And Should Declare ‘Public Health Emergency’ – According to Study

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LA ‘Overrun By Rats’ And Should Declare ‘Public Health Emergency’ – According to Study

Los Angeles is experiencing a rapid takeover of rodents, according to a new study. The spike in rats, which is linked to growing homelessness throughout the city, may cause economic turmoil for a city already experiencing hardships to its middle class.

The Reform California released the report which links the increase in rodents to upticks in once rare illnesses. For example, a Los Angeles police officer recently came down with typhoid fever.

“California is being overrun by rodents,” said Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California, said in the study. “Without immediate emergency action by state and local government, we face significant economic costs and risk a public health crisis.”

Rodent bites are an unusual event for humans, but unfortunately, more and more cases are surfacing in Los Angeles. This is due to widespread and increasing rodent/human interactions. As these interactions increase, so too will rodent bite cases and by default, illnesses such as the plague and typhus will increase. The situation means more local businesses are utilizing pest control services. The study found a 60 percent increase in companies calling for pest control services.

“Contrary to common belief, being bitten by a rodent is rare and is not the most common way diseases are spread. Nonetheless, reports of city workers being bitten by rodents is on the rise – with most recent cases being reported in Los Angeles,” the study states. “Two other vehicles of transmission are far more prevalent: fleas and urine droppings.”

The authors of the study attribute the drastic and dangerous rise in rodent population to a swelling homeless issue. As well, they claim that city bans on specific pesticides are to blame.

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Growing homelessness and strict pest control laws are contributing to a dangerous rise in rodent populations.

“First, the homeless population increase, which provides a source of food which supports population growth,” he said. “Second, many local governments, including Los Angeles, have banned the most effective practices for detecting and eradicating rats.”

Reform California suggest that the city lift some pesticide bans to help fight the issue. However, that would require the city to lift pesticide bans that date back to 2014. Reform California believes that the situation warrants a public health emergency. It also stands in opposition of Assembly Bill 1788, yet another bill that bans chemicals that help control rodents. The group believes that California lawmakers are making the situation worse. DeMaio called California’s approach to rodent control “madness.”

Additionally, pest control companies continue to plead with the state’s lawmakers.

“The professional pest control industry has gone to Sacramento, we’ve explained as professionals to committees, that we as professionals know how to help you, you license us, you regulate us, but now you don’t listen to us,” Rob Cartwright of Cartwright Pest Control told FOX11.

Los Angeles has nearly 60,000 homeless people that live on the streets. The issue continues to receive national scrutiny, but the city seems to have little in the way of viable solutions. The city continues to focus on other agendas, such as spending millions to chemically seal streets. The city seemingly refuses to change course on a slew of issues contributing to increasing homelessness. It’s expected that California will serve as political fodder for President Trump as he seeks re-election.

It’s important to understand that an increasing and thriving rodent population could usher in more diseases. People should make sure they have a pandemic survival plan in place.

The Los Angeles homeless crisis, fueled by woeful economic policies, is causing many LA residents to live in their cars. The state’s middle class continues to dwindle.

Author: Jim Satney

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