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WARNING: Disasterous ‘BIG ONE’ is Now ‘Imminent’ in California

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WARNING: Disasterous ‘BIG ONE’ is Now ‘Imminent’ in California

Remember when you were a child and your mother would tell you that California will one day break off into the ocean? Well, it now seems, she might have been right. To think that you figured that entire time mom just didn’t want you to run away to California and become a recurring extra on Baywatch. A top seismologist is now encouraging the people of California to accept their fate, which seems to be being cast away into absolute oblivion due to a monstrous earthquake. And worse more? The seismologist suggests that people unwilling to accept this fate will cause more suffering.

Wait, is this fear mongering level 10, or a dismal reality?

Maybe a little of both, honestly.

Top seismologist Lucy Jones, who works for the US Geological Survey, gave a powerful speech that literally shook the room (I’m so sorry for the inappropriate pun). Jones claims that the people of California are blatantly refusing to accept the threat of such major catastrophe, causing the potentially catastrophic effects to be far worse than they would be if the people would just accept it.

But wait, what does she mean? Are the people of California seemingly not depressed enough? Surely, Jones understands the state is bankrupt, taxed to death, and ran by liberal elitist talk show hosts.

The drama all unfolded during her keynote speech which she presented at the Japan Geoscience Union and American Geophysical Union. She asserted that people are a bit too infatuated with earthquakes that might happen in 30 or so years, rather than the ones which lurk around the corner. Jones delivered three reasons why she says the people of California might perish during the next monster earthquake: The threat of an earthquake is uncertain, can’t be seen, and is unknowable.

We find patterns even when they’re not real,’ Dr Jones said.

‘Someone’s decision not to be ready increases the chances that others will suffer,’ Jones said, writes the LA Times.

Jones was quickly accused of fear mongering on Twitter, to which she seemingly took offense to by responding that she wasn’t “trying to terrify anyone.”

earthquake californiaJones and her team of seismologist have run modules which show a major earthquake striking California via the San Andreas fault and leveling at least 15,000 buildings, perishing the lives of many and destroying the power grids.

And now for the biggie, the team also determined that a major earthquake could instantly sink big parts of California into the ocean. What? That’s the legit fear we’ve all had for years!

This assertation was reached after a study was conducted on the Newport-Inglewood fault. This fault runs through Los Angeles and Orange County, both of which prop up some of the largest populations in the world. Not to mention enormous infrastructure. The study showed that a major quake along this region could sink Los Angeles by up to 3 feet.

I feel like Dr. Jones’ statements are a mixed bag. She’s fear mongering, there is no doubt about it, but she isn’t wrong. It doesn’t take a degree in seismology to accept that California will have a massive earthquake. The state resides on several major fault lines. Fault lines cause earthquakes. And it is true that many people simply are not prepared.

Bug out bags and long-term food supplies are essential for anyone living in California. This isn’t groundbreaking stuff,  things are definitely going to go down (both literally and figuratively). Being prepared and having supplies at the ready is just common sense. Unfortunately, there seems to be a major lacking of common sense in most parts of the United States.

We feel “safe.” We are heavily reliant on government. We are, essentially, slaves to a system. But here’s the thing, we become even more enslaved when a major earthquake takes out our power grids and we don’t have a bug out bag, a generator, or a way to eat for the long-term. We play into the hands of subjugation. When you rely on the system to feed you and keep you warm, the system, in turn, owns you.

You shouldn’t need a team of seismologist to run mock earthquakes in order for you to know that every second you reside in California is another moment in time you are at risk of experiencing a major earthquake. Get prepped. Don’t regret the preparation you never did.




Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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