This Medicinal Honey Heals and Relieves Pain and Builds Immunity

Manuka honey is derived from bees in New Zealand that pollinate the Manuka bush.  Manuka honey is one of the most powerful health solutions in the world. It’s an amazing natural antibiotic, it has been said to help with digestion and sleep, and it can help a sore throat.

Manuka honey being used medicinally is nothing new, in fact, it goes back centuries. It is said that archeologists discovered old pots of manuka honey inside of Egyptian pharaoh tombs.

Lots of store-bought honey isn’t as good as their labels might suggest. Honey, in fact, isn’t always “honey” in the way we think of it. Often times it is pasteurized or filtered, which causes it to lose its beneficial effectiveness. Often times they are loaded with added sugars (odd, I know, considering honey is already a natural sweetener).

Manuka Honey Benefits

Manuka honey benefits boast layers of good stuff. Here’s some of the good stuff you will find in Manuka honey.

B6, Thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid)
Amino acids

You can buy Manuka honey on Amazon (like I do). I use this one.
manuka honey benefitsYou can also purchase it at the store, but you need to understand how to verify your Manuka honey to be legit. A global standard of Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) has been established. You are looking for UMF 10+, which is the desired antibacterial level. If you can get 15, even better. Beyond 15? That Manuka honey is a powerhouse. Make sure the UMF company that verified your Manuka honey is based in New Zealand. There should be a license number on the label. Anything below 5 is not worth much, so avoid that.

Here’s a nice little chart to go by.

You will also want to note the KFactor:

“KFactor 12 guarantees 65 percent of the pollen grains in the honey are Manuka pollen grains, KFactor 16 guarantees 75 percent of the pollen grains in the honey are Manuka pollen grains and KFactor 22 guarantees 90 percent of the pollen grains in the honey are Manuka pollen grains.” (4)

Manuka Honey Benefits – What It Helps With

There are lots of reviews that say Manuka honey helps people with cases of acne and even eczema. While this is strictly anecdotal, there are lots of people who have tried this saying it really is a game changer for these skin issues.

Burns. An article published inside of Jundishapur Journal of Natural Pharmaceutical Products, “The use of honey leads to improved wound healing in acute cases, pain relief in burn patients and decreased inflammatory response in such patients.” (7)

IBS | IBD. Manuka honey helped rats with inflammatory bowel conditions (see this study). It showed to give the rats protection from colonic damage.

It can help build up a powerful immune system. Research suggest that Manuka honey benefits include stopping the growth of strep bacteria (study). It has also been shown to help with throat infections suffered as a result of chemotherapy.

manuka honey benefits

Manuka honey has been shown to help seasonal allergies (study).

“…patients reported a 60% lower total symptom score, twice as many asymptomatic days, and 70% fewer days with severe symptoms, and they used 50% less antihistamines compared to the control group.” 

Manuka honey is a great exfoliator for the skin.

Add Manuka honey to your pre-bedtime ritual and experience better sleep. Manuka honey helps stimulate melatonin release.

How Do I Take It?

I simply dip my spoon in it and have a bite : )

In the end, it is honey, you can use it in any way you’ve typically used honey. I’d recommend against exposing it to high heats (cooking) as that would be a waste of a superior honey. There are lots of other honey that could be used for that.

You can buy Manuka honey on Amazon (or at a grocery store). I use this one.



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